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New For 2019 - The Memory Keeper Bracelet and Earrings

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5 Dec 2018 15:31:00

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All the best ideas at Lily Blanche come from our customers. We have a lovely group of followers on Facebook who provide really great feedback for the business so when our customer, Heather Urbanczyk, asked about matching earrings and bracelets for our bestselling Memory Keeper Locket, our design team got their sketch books out.

Gold memory Keeper Locket by Lily Blanche

The Memory Keeper Locket is a really unusual piece of jewellery in that it takes six photos. It is based on a vintage design, inspired by the jewel box of my grandmother Lily Blanche Sheridan. Because it is so special, we had been stumped in the past when we had thought about adding to the collection. We didn’t want anything gimmicky or anything that would diminish this unique locket.

Lily Blanche Rose Gold Memory Keeper Locket

The bracelet and earrings had to be lovely to wear with or without the Memory Keeper Locket, they had to be elegant and they had to pass the Lily Blanche quality test. As our customers know, we use a very high quantity and quality of precious metal in our jewellery. This gives it an “heirloom” quality and means that pieces will last.

We had a very successful brainstorming session in which we took as the starting point for the collection, the motif at the ends of the Memory Keeper. It is decorative and pretty and looked great when we reduced the scale of it to make it into a link for the bracelet and a button for the earrings.

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Lily Blanche Gold Memory Keeper Bracelet and Earrings

From there, it was simply a case of building a repeat design. We made a prototype and we were really delighted with the way it turned out. We made the backs of the bracelet links smooth so that that bracelet can be personalised with engraving and added an extension chain so that the bracelet will fit wrists up to 9.5 inches. We also send the bracelets to the Edinburgh Assay Office for testing and hallmarking so that our customers have a guarantee of quality. If you like stud earrings, these are great. They are really eye-catching but incredibly easy to wear. We love pieces which work for every day but are good enough for special occasions and these fit the bill perfectly.

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lily Blanche rose Gold Memory Keeper Earrings

After testing the bracelet, we added an integral extension chain which takes the bracelet length from 8 inches to 9.5 inches and so will fit most wrists. Then we put them into production and the first batch of Memory Keeper bracelets and earrings is now available online in sterling silver, gold, rose gold and white gold vermeil at www.lilyblanche.com. We will look at adapting the earring to make a drop style next. We hope you like them.


Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Earrings Silver

Christmas 2018 Delivery Information For Lily Blanche Orders

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There Is Still Time To Order A Filled Locket From Lily Blanche

We will be sizing and filling lockets right up until Christmas week. Please feel free to order your locket and send over the photos at your leisure.

Returns have been extended to January 14 2019

Our last order dates for Christmas are:

UK Free Standard Delivery - order by noon Tuesday December 18

UK Express Delivery – order by 3pm Friday December 21

Europe – order by Thursday December 13

USA, Australia and New Zealand – order by Sunday December 9

Rule number one - don't panic. We've got this. You are our customer and we won't let you down. That, in a nutshell, is our philosophy. There is still plenty of time to shop online for Christmas at Lily Blanche

Every Lily Blanche customer is important to us and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are not just satisfied but delighted with our service. Last Christmas every single Lily Blanche Christmas order was delivered on time. This year, the volume of orders has doubled but we are organised to repeat the feat.

We know that you are really busy, you have a million things to attend to and it is impossible to keep track of everything you buy online but we are really, really experienced in sending parcels so here is what happens when you buy from us.

Your order is made with care

Your order is made with care. It is checked and given a final polish before it leaves the studio. Your chosen piece of jewellery goes into a gift box with some extra tissue paper inside to protect it in transit. The box is tied with ribbon and a branded polish cloth goes in with it.

Your gift box goes into a sturdy cardboard outer lined with two sheets of bespoke tissue paper. We add a little spray of Tom Ford’s Eau De Soleil Blanc scent between the sheets to give a lovely Christmassy perfume when you open the box. Next, we place one of our luxurious lookbooks on top of the tissue. Your invoice and some little treats go into an envelope with your name on it. If you choose our gift service to send direct to the recipient, we will leave out the invoice and pop in a gift card with your personalised message.

Lily Blanche Look Book

The whole box is then checked and sealed. Your label is printed and Royal Mail tracking labels are put on it. Finally, your box is photographed for our records, your tracking number is recorded and you are emailed with it. The orders are hand-delivered every afternoon directly to our local Royal Mail depot where we know the delivery guys and they take the same care and trouble with your order that we do. Royal Mail will deliver 130 million parcels this Christmas.

For our free shipping service, we ask that you allow five working days. If you have ordered a filled locket please allow two extra days from receipt of the photos. Royal Mail is massively busy at present and the tracking website is not always working but this is a hugely reliable service. If you have not received an order within ten working days of receiving the Lily Blanche shipping email, do please contact us.

If you do not receive the shipping email, please check your junk mail file.

I hope this information helps you understand our service. You can have complete confidence in it. We take it very seriously.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope there is a Lily Blanche box waiting for you under the tree.

Gillian and the Lily Blanche team x

Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Lockets

Why Value Is More Important Than Cost

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A Peek Inside Judy Murray's Memory Keeper Locket

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When the Lily Blanche team heard that Judy Murray had lost her treasured Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket, we were determined to get a replacement to her. This unique sterling silver locket opens up to reveal six photographs and is our bestseller. Judy had bought the Memory Keeper some years ago - she was one of our first customers - and had worn it to all Andy and Jamie’s big tennis matches. She had tweeted to let us know how much she loved it. "It's my absolute fave piece of jewellery," she wrote.

Judy Murray and the Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket in sterling silver

So when a friend told us she was seeing Judy at a conference and offered to bring her a replacement locket we were delighted. A few days later we got an email from Judy telling us how pleased she was to be reunited with her Memory Keeper Locket.

What Judy didn’t initially realise was that, using our new photo insertion service, we had filled her locket with Andy and Jamie’s finest moments and, of course, Anton du Beke and Strictly Come Dancing were in there too.

Inside Judy Murray's Memory Keeper Locket

When Judy opened the locket and discovered the photos she was thrilled. “OMG I love it,” she emailed. “That is amazing”. Then it was our turn to be surprised and delighted. “Would you like to come up and have afternoon tea at Cromlix House Hotel?” she asked. Cromlix is the hotel Andy bought near Dunblane

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We had a wonderful afternoon, sipping Pimms and eating the most delicious Wimbledon themed tea and meeting some of Andy and Jamie’s biggest fans. (The tennis ball lollipop cake below is called a Murray Mound) We were delighted when Judy showed everyone the pictures inside her locket.

Wimbledon themed Afternoon Tea at Cromlix House Hotel

Judy likes the brand so much she also bought the Lily Blanche Birkin Handbag Locket which she is wearing on the cover of her autobiography.

Lily Blanche Birkin Handbag Locket

Judy told us that she always sits alone at Wimbledon so that she isn’t distracted and doesn’t hear other people passing judgement on her boys. The one silver lining to Andy’s injury has been the fact that he has been able to spend so much time with his family, wife Kim, daughter Sophia and baby Edie. We even came away with a copy of Andy's granny's (Shirley Erskine's) famous shortbread.

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Read over 200 five star reviews here. Trustpilot rating 98% excellent

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How To Choose Photos For A Locket

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Lily Blanche Lockets

There is no nicer or more personal piece of jewellery than a locket filled with special memories. It’s the perfect way to keep loved ones close and it can give great pleasure and comfort to know they are always with you.

At Lily Blanche we have a variety of lockets which take photographs - ranging from our highly romantic Vintage Heart Lockets to the bestselling Memory Keeper Lockets in silver, gold or rose gold. These open to take six photographs.

Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket

We have recently launched our photo insertion service for Lily Blanche lockets and this is proving extremely popular. We shrink, enhance and print the photos on high quality photographic paper before inserting them into your locket to create a highly personalised gift or memento.

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Many kinds of photographs will work but there are a few simple guidelines to follow when choosing photos for the locket. The higher the resolution, the better. A good quality picture will shrink down without losing too much definition. If you have photos from a professional photoshoot, these will work extremely well.

Lily Blanche Vintage Heart Locket

Bear in mind the shape of the locket. Choose an unfussy photo with a clear central image with some space around it. A head shot works well. Two people will also make for a good image but please ensure their heads are reasonably close together. People standing far apart or with heads at different heights won’t work. Groups of people work less well.

Having said that, we haven’t yet come across a photo we haven’t been able to work with. Modern cameras are brilliant and take incredibly sharp detailed photos. However, old photos can have a real charm and we love working with vintage photos. Babies, children, brides and pets all look great in a multi-photo locket.

Lily Blanche Silver Memory Keeper Locket

Theming the Memory Keeper Locket can be highly effective – all black and white images, for example or photos from a wedding as a gift for a bride or mother of the bride can look great. If you have any questions about choosing photos for your family locket, do please get in touch at media@lilyblanche.com

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Our Most Romantic Locket

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When it comes to romantic and meaningful jewellery, you simply cannot beat a locket. It’s one of the few pieces of jewellery which can be truly personalized and it has a fascinating history. While lockets date back to the 16th century, they reached their peak of popularity in the Victorian era.

Queen Victoria popularised the locket

Queen Victoria was the Meghan Markle of her day – a trend setter whose patronage of a particular item of clothing or jewellery would send it into the stratosphere. She was also a great romantic. Madly in love with her Prince Albert, the pair would go to great lengths to exchange personalized love tokens.

The Lily Blanche Garnet Vintage heart Locket

When Albert gave Victoria a bracelet with eight lockets attached – each containing a lock of hair from one of their eight children – it caught the popular imagination. The Gold chain bracelet had nine enamelled hearts in diffent colours - turquoise for Prince Albert; pink for Princess Victoria; red for Princess Alice; dark blue for Prince Alfred;trnaslucent white for Princess Helena;dark green for Princess Louise; mid-blue for Prince Arthur; opaque white for Prince Leopold and dark green for Princess Beatrice. Each heart had the name of the child and date of birth engraved inside.

Queen Victoria's Enamel Heart Charm Bracelet containing the locks of hair of her childrenThe bracelet was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert on November 24 1840 three days after the birth of their first child Princess Victoria. There is an inscription to this effect on the clasp. You can see the bracelet in Kensington Palace where Lily Blanche jewellery is also sold.

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children

Queen Victoria was a great fan of charm bracelets and lockets and this bracelet combines both. She loved sentimental and meaningful jewellery and popularised the trend for lockets.

Lockets allowed the wearer to keep loved ones close at a time when people often endured enforced separation for work reasons and travel was a time consuming business. It was also a way to incorporate in jewellery the new fashion for photography.

At Lily Blanche we wanted to create a truly romantic locket – one which drew on the the history of this wonderful piece. We found inspiration in a number of vintage pieces. We incorporated marcasite and filigree work and decided to shape it as a heart and so the Lily Blanche Vintage Heart Locket came into being.

This is our most romantic locket. We originally made it with a garnet stone but have recently introduced it in blue topaz. We have also made it with citrine and emerald for special commissions for Lily Blanche customers. The different stones give it an entirely different feel.

Lily Blanche Vintage Heart Locket In Blue Topaz

The locket has a deep cavity and we can fill it with two photographs, or you can add a tiny keepsake or message. The locket comes with a Robert Burns quote from the poem Ae Fond Kiss – “To see her was to love her, love but her and love forever”.

There is no nicer way to say I love you than with the Vintage Heart Locket filled with photographs. It’s the perfect anniversary or birthday gift.

Available at www.lilyblanche.com

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A Big Thank You And A Visit To The Social Bite Village

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As many of you know Social Bite is our charity of the year. Those of you who have left a review of Lily Blanche on Trustpilot may know that we donate to Social Bite as a thank you for every review we receive. But we also support the charity in other ways too and donate throughout the year.

The Story Of The Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket

By lilyblanche 19 March 2018 2 comments

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DO YOU REMEMBER the first piece of jewellery which really meant something to you? The piece you knew you would always treasure and eventually pass on to somone you love?

This is the feeling I wanted to recreate with the Memory Keeper Locket. Family is everything to me and I wanted to create a locket with heirloom quality which was a precious symbol of life, love and continuity.

Memory Keeper Lockets

"We Want Our Lockets To Surprise And Delight"

We know that what makes your locket really precious is not the materials it is made from but the photographs inside it. Jewellery which is treasured are the pieces that mark important moments on life's journey - a special birthday, a new baby, a wedding, the passing of a loved one.

Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Lockets

At the heart of the Memory Keeper Locket is the idea of keeping loved ones close and of treasuring precious memories. In a fast-paced culture, we don't always take time to cherish these moments. I also wanted the Memory Keeper Locket to be something that is passed on through the generations. Quality and craftsmanship are important to us. We were delighted when the Memory Keeper Locket was selected for the shops at Kensington Palace and the Tower of London ahead of the Royal Wedding.

"Jewellery Connects Us With The Past In An Intimate Way"

Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Lockets are made in small batches and take just over three months to complete. The Lockets are made of sterling silver and the gold versions feature 18 carat gold in a traditional technique known as vermeil. You can read more about this on our website.

Each Memory Keeper Locket uses seven times as much precious metal as it takes to make a £300 Tiffany Atlas pendant. After the Memory Keeper Lockets are given a final polish, they are sent to the Edinburgh Assay Office for hallmarking, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the piece. This Locket is often bought to mark a special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, wedding or the arrival of a new member of the family. It also makes a lovely gift from a bride to a mother of the bride.

Click now to shop the collection

" Judy Tweeted That The Memory Keeper Locket Was Her Favourite Piece"

We were delighted when Judy Murray, the tennis coach and Strictly star, bought the Memory Keeper Locket and wore it to Wimbledon to watch her sons Andy & Jamie become champions. We were even more thrilled when Judy tweeted that the Memory Keeper Locket was her favourite piece of jewellery and wore it on the finale of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. It was just as thrilling to see the actress Hermione Norris wear the Memory Keeper Locket in the series Cold Feet.

Judy Murray wears Lily Blanche Memory Keeper

However, every customer is special to us. Our Memory Keeper Lockets are our bestsellers and we often get to hear amazing stories. Some are heart-breaking; others are joyful but all are really personal and precious.

Our jewellery is not for everyone. We are not interested in mass-producing these lockets. We want them to remain special and we want people to feel special when they wear a Lily Blanche piece. The lockets are priced according to precious metal. Sterling silver is £250. Gold is £300 and rose gold or white gold is £325

You can see what our customers are saying about the Memory Keeper below and you can read over 200 five star reviews on Trustpilot and on our Facebook page where we would love to connect with you. Please take a moment to discover the collection by clicking the link below which will give details and prices for the Memory Keeper Lockets.

14 Oct 2018 22:23:06

Gillian Crawford, Founder and Creative Director at Lily Blanche

“Fabulous lady, fabulous jewels” Judy Murray tennis coach and Strictly Come Dancing star.

“I absolutely love it as do my family and friends. I’ve been singing your praises to anyone who will listen” Diane C.Our customer Diane's Memory Keeper.

Love, love, love mine. It’s probably the best necklace I have,” Carole S.

“Excellent customer service, absolutely amazing delivery of a very special piece of jewellery and fantastic after care. Would definitely purchase again from Lily Blanche,”Emma L.

“I have the silver one for my birthday and absolutely love, love, love it,” Stephanie L.

“Amazing service and beautifully wrapped and packed. A joyful gift,” Lesley McP.

“I have bought for my 2 daughters and myself. Love them,” Pauline S.

Actress Hermione Norris wears the Lily Blanche gold Memory Keeper Locket in the TV series Cold FeetOur Photo insertion service is now up and running. You can order pictures at the same time as you order your locket or choose the "fill my locket" option to order them seperately.

Fill My Locket

Nadin and Mo - an everyday love story

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How To Fill A Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket With Photographs

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You will need: A Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket Laptop; Printer; 15mm (0.6 inch) craft punch; 130gsm self adhesive photographic paper.