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April 2017

Eight Gemstones That Wowed The World

By lilyblanche 6 April 2017 No comments

What do you give the seven year-old who has everything? How about a 12.03 carat blue diamond, of such rarity that there are only a handful in existence? Josephine Lau, the daughter of Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau, has the distinction of having three of the world's rarest gems named after her. In addition to The Blue Moon of Josephine (see 3 below) Lau, who is in failing health, purchased a $28.6m 16.08 carat pink diamond which he named Sweet Josephine, and a $9.5m 7.03 carat vivid blue gem called Star of Josephine. Her teenage sister Zoe, hasn't been left out. Lau paid US$32.6 m for a 9.75-carat diamond which he named the 'Zoe Diamond', and $11.9m for an exceptional ruby named 'Zoe Red'.