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August 2017

Back To School - For The Last Time

By lilyblanche 24 August 2017 No comments

It's back to school for us this week - a ritual which has been performed annually in this household for twenty years, since my eldest started at nursery as a tiny tot. But this year, it is different. With just one of my three children still at school, this is the last autumn we will be looking out uniform, buying new stationery and hunting for lost kit of a morning before rushing for the school bus. The baby has started sixth form. How did that happen?

If you have young children, it is almost impossible to imagine such an ingrained part of your life coming to an end but this year, for us, everything will be poignant - the last Christmas dance, the last parents' night, the last school report. I still have all the projects from primary one -all wobbly handwriting and wonky drawings - in a cupboard, all the school photographs, all the reports...