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September 2017

The Feather Locket - David and Beryl Barnes

By lilyblanche 13 September 2017 No comments

"No matter who my dad met, he always seemed to touch people and leave that special something"

When Lily Blanche customer Helen Thompson got in touch last month to tell us she had chosen the Gold Feather Locket for her mum Beryl and wanted to give it to her on her birthday in memory of her father, David we were touched by her thoughtfulness and offered to fill the locket for her.

When we saw the photo of David in his hat, we were smitten and wanted to know more about the charmer in the panama. Helen told us that David and Beryl had met at a mutual friend’s wedding when Beryl offered to buy David a drink. It was the start of a great romance. They were engaged and married within the year. That was 40 years ago. Sadly David lost his battle with cancer just before their ruby wedding anniversary and so Helen’s parents didn’t get to celebrate their special day together.“I took mum away to a place we went as kids and we celebrated it together with dad in spirit,” Helen says.