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October 2018

Why Value Is More Important To Me Than Cost

By Gillian Crawford 27 October 2018 No comments

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the difference between cost and value. As I get older, I find the way I shop and appreciate things is changing. In the past, I was susceptible to the lure of the sale or a bargain and the cost of an item was uppermost in my mind.

But all too often these bargains weren’t what I needed or wanted. They ended up languishing in my wardrobe unworn. Very occasionally they were (husband look away now) a complete waste of money and ended up in the charity shop unworn.

These days, I shop much less regularly and only when I want or need something. The price is still important but it is never the first thing I consider. The most important consideration is how much pleasure a new item will give me. Because I shop less often, the pleasure factor is increased