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Respect, Honesty, Integrity And A Word About Discounting

By lilyblanche 25 June 2017 1 comment

We all love a bargain. There is nothing nicer than finding something you've been hankering after on sale. I'm the same, but increasingly I've become sceptical about the endless discounting the big retailers engage in. It doesn't feel fair when brands boost the price by 25% just to be able to offer a 20% markdown to unsuspecting customers. The two for one offers in supermarkets are fuelling waste and endangering the health of our children. We've become so conditioned to gravitate towards the sale item, we don't always appreciate the psychological manipulation involved.

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Investing in jewellery

By lilyblanche 17 February 2016 No comments

When people talk about buying jewellery as an investment, they often mean expensive pieces which will spend their lives in a safe or a bank vault. That is such a pity. Beautiful jewels deserve to be seen.

When I think about investing in jewellery, I think not only about the pleasure a well designed and crafted piece of jewellery will bring me but also the pleasure it will bring to others in the future