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The Story So Far...

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How do childhood memories influence your work now?

I grew up in a small town in Scotland and I was surrounded by incredibly creative people. My mother made all of our clothes and I learned to use a sewing machine at a very young age. My father made wooden toys for our Christmases – dolls houses and wendy houses and furniture for the dolls. My grandmother, Lily Blanche Sheridan, lived on the Hebridean Island of Skye and holidays were spent with her. She was an incredibly creative person and a fantastic cook. She even made her daughters’ and daughters-in-law’s wedding dresses when rationing was still imposed after the Second World War and gorgeous gowns were difficult to come by.

She introduced me to a wide range of craft activities, from knitting and crocheting to embroidery and even tatting. I was the first girl to take woodwork and metalwork at school and all my weekends were spent making toys and crafts.

A Big Thank You And A Visit To The Social Bite Village

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As many of you know Social Bite is our charity of the year. Those of you who have left a review of Lily Blanche on Trustpilot may know that we donate to Social Bite as a thank you for every review we receive. But we also support the charity in other ways too and donate throughout the year.

So were delighted this week when Social Bite invited us to come and visit the new village they are building in Granton on the outskirts of Edinburgh to help people transition out of homelessness. This is an incredible project and we are delighted to be backing it.

The Story Of The Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket®

By lilyblanche 19 March 2018 2 comments

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16 Jul 2019 09:59:28

DO YOU REMEMBER the first piece of jewellery which really meant something to you? The piece you knew you would always treasure and eventually pass on to somone you love?

This is the feeling I wanted to recreate with the Memory Keeper Locket®. Family is everything to me and I wanted to create a locket with heirloom quality which was a precious symbol of life, love and family. I love lockets and their hidden secrets but it was difficult to find one that looked really special and two photos weren't enough to hold all the people I love close. I wanted to hold a lifetime of love in my locket and so I got out my sketch book and started looking for inspiration.

This was the beginning of the 6 photo Memory Keeper Locket® . Based on a vintage design from my grandmother’s jewel box, this unique photo locket has been crafted to let you hold all of your loved ones close in six individual photo frames.

The Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket Is:

  • Made only of solid silver and 18 carat gold
  • Hallmarked in Edinburgh by the Assay Office with the full UK hallmark
  • Worn by Strictly Star and Tennis coach Judy Murray
  • An heirloom piece of fabulous craftsmanship
  • The subject of over 440 verified five star reviews online
  • Available with our engraving and photo service to make it personalised
  • A British brand specialising in sustainable and ethical jewellery
  • A member of the National Association of Jewellers.

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You can browse the full collection and see all the prices and options here

Quality and craftsmanship are important to me. So I was delighted when Kensington Palace asked to stock the Memory Keeper Locket® ahead of the Royal Wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex. Our lockets are made in small batches using only the finest gold and silver. They are individually tested and hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office giving you complete confidence.

Use our photo and engraving services to make your Memory Keeper Locket® unique. You can order pictures at the same time as your locket or separately later. Just choose your six photographs and email them to media@lilyblanche.com quoting your order number. We'll include a spare set of photographs too.


  • Family: Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Those We Love Never Leave Us
  • Treasure Your Memories
  • Love Makes A Family
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is
  • We Are All Of Us Stars
  • Will You Marry Me?

We’d be delighted to answer your questions about this special family locket. You can email me gillian@lilyblanche.com, call 01786 473201 during office ours, contact us on Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Twitter or use the Live Chat button on the website.

Watch the video below to see Natalie reveal the hidden secrets of the Memory Keeper Locket®

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16 Jul 2019 09:59:07

You can read over 450 verified five star reviews here. Here’s what our customers say.

“It’s my absolute fave piece of jewellery” Judy Murray, tennis coach and Strictly star

“I want to thank you for the beautiful ‘Feather Locket’. Engraving it with the date I took office as First Minister made it very personal” Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland.

“It’s like wearing a hug from all my favourite people” Joan S

“A lifetime of love in a little golden sphere. I absolutely adore it” Diane G.

“Amazing service and beautifully wrapped and packed. A joyful gift,” Lesley McP.

“I have bought them for my 2 daughters and myself. Love them,” Pauline S.

"My beautiful Memory Keeper Locket contains 6 pictures of my loved ones, including my mum and grandma who have both passed away. Somehow it feels like they were in on the gift too!” M.H.

“Cannot recommend this company enough” Rachel H.

“They really have thought of everything” Jennifer A.

“I absolutely love it as do my family and friends. I’ve been singing your praises to anyone who will listen” Diane C.

We hope you love and treasure your Memory Keeper Locket®.

Gillian Crawford, designer and CEO of Lily Blanche. x

14 Oct 2018 22:23:06

Memory Keeper Locket® is a registeredtrademark of Lily Blanche and Wow (Scotland) Ltd

Nadin and Mo - an everyday love story

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Nadin Dunnigan is one of Edinburgh's top wedding photographers. She only takes on around 20 weddings a year but the couples she photographs can be assured of not just a memorable album but a wonderful experience. So we were absolutely thrilled when Nadin chose the Lily Blanche Gold Memory Keeper Locket as a memento of her own wedding which is happening on the Hebridean island of Harris next month.

How To Fill A Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket With Photographs

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You will need: A Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket Laptop; Printer; 15mm (0.6 inch) craft punch; 130gsm self adhesive photographic paper.

  • First choose your images. Pick strong portrait shots which are clear and unfussy and where there is a bit of space around the head (ie the top of the head is not cut off or up against the edge of the photograph) Single headshots work best at this size.

Purple Patch - Pantone Colour Of The Year 2018

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The Pantone Colour of the year 2018 has been announced and it is - drum-roll please - 18-3838, ultraviolet. We're going to be seeing a lot of purple in the new year. Lily Blanche Purple Amethyst lockets, earrings and rings are bang on trend.

Here is what Pantone has to say about its choice. "Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own

Black Friday Offer - Use Code Friday15

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A number of cutomers have asked us if we are participating in Black Friday. This year we have decided we will. Our code is Friday15 and you can use it throughout the Lily Blanche website now. It is valid till midnight Monday December 2. We are doing so mainly because some of our stockists are participating in Black Friday and our over-riding philosophy is that our most loyal customers should always get our best offers.

Lily Blanche Last Shipping Dates For Christmas 2017

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Christmas falls on a Monday this year which means that there are fewer posting days than usual before Christmas. Below are the last possible posting dates for Christmas delivery but to guarantee your jewellery arrives in plenty time, do please order as early as you can, firstly because we will sell out of some popular items and we'd hate to disappoint you and secondly because although the postal service is heroic, it is human and fallible and very occasionally things will go wrong. Happy shopping!

Paying It Forward - Lily Blanche Reviews

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They say that one good deed deserves another and while I've always been a bit suspect of the concept of karma - bad things happen to good people too - I do like the idea of spreading a little bit of love or joy. I believe small acts can, cumulatively, make a big difference.

Recently we've started working with the review company Trustpilot. Trustpilot sends out an email on our behalf to Lily Blanche online customers asking them to review the jewellery and their experience with us. I was quite nervous about this but I've been really touched and bouyed up by the lovely messages our customers have left. You can read them here

The Feather Locket - David and Beryl Barnes

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"No matter who my dad met, he always seemed to touch people and leave that special something"

When Lily Blanche customer Helen Thompson got in touch last month to tell us she had chosen the Gold Feather Locket for her mum Beryl and wanted to give it to her on her birthday in memory of her father, David we were touched by her thoughtfulness and offered to fill the locket for her.

When we saw the photo of David in his hat, we were smitten and wanted to know more about the charmer in the panama. Helen told us that David and Beryl had met at a mutual friend’s wedding when Beryl offered to buy David a drink. It was the start of a great romance. They were engaged and married within the year. That was 40 years ago. Sadly David lost his battle with cancer just before their ruby wedding anniversary and so Helen’s parents didn’t get to celebrate their special day together.“I took mum away to a place we went as kids and we celebrated it together with dad in spirit,” Helen says.