How To Choose Photos For A Locket

Posted by Gillian Crawford on 21st Jun 2018

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There is no nicer or more personal piece of jewellery than a locket filled with special memories. It’s the perfect way to keep loved ones close and it can give great pleasure and comfort to know they are always with you.

At Lily Blanche we have a variety of lockets which take photographs - ranging from our highly romantic Vintage Heart Lockets to the bestselling Memory Keeper Lockets in silver, gold or rose gold. These open to take six photographs.

Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket

We have recently launched our photo insertion service for Lily Blanche lockets and this is proving extremely popular. We shrink, enhance and print the photos on high quality photographic paper before inserting them into your locket to create a highly personalised gift or memento.

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Many kinds of photographs will work but there are a few simple guidelines to follow when choosing photos for the locket. The higher the resolution, the better. A good quality picture will shrink down without losing too much definition. If you have photos from a professional photoshoot, these will work extremely well.

Lily Blanche Vintage Heart Locket

Bear in mind the shape of the locket. Choose an unfussy photo with a clear central image with some space around it. A head shot works well. Two people will also make for a good image but please ensure their heads are reasonably close together. People standing far apart or with heads at different heights won’t work. Groups of people work less well.