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A Big Thank You And A Visit To The Social Bite Village

By lilyblanche 3 May 2018 No comments

As many of you know Social Bite is our charity of the year. Those of you who have left a review of Lily Blanche on Trustpilot may know that we donate to Social Bite as a thank you for every review we receive. But we also support the charity in other ways too and donate throughout the year.

Respect, Honesty, Integrity And A Word About Discounting

By lilyblanche 25 June 2017 No comments


The Lily Blanche Story

By lilyblanche 14 November 2016 No comments

It has been so busy in the Lily Blanche studio of late making and dispatching Christmas orders _ thank you to all our customers - that there hasn't been much time for blogging but we thought you might like to read an interview we did recently with the jewellery website Jewel Street about our brand and the story behind it!

Gemstones & Giraffes - An African Adventure

By lilyblanche 23 August 2016 No comments


Peapod and Pearls

By lilyblanche 17 August 2016 No comments


The Adventure Begins...

By lilyblanche 14 June 2016 No comments


Life, love, legacy and lockets – the story of the Memory Keeper Locket

By lilyblanche 3 May 2016 No comments

"What will survive of us is love," Philip Larkin, An Arundel Tomb