The Ultimate Guide to The Different Types of Pearls

Posted by Natalie Cochrane on 18th Mar 2022

Types of Pearls:When it comes to pearls, you won't be stuck for choice. There are many different types of pearls to choose from and each pearl has its own unique set of properties. Pearls come in … read more

The Birthstones for June: Pearl and Moonstone

Posted by Natalie Cochrane on 4th Jun 2021

For those who celebrate a June birthday, you are lucky to have not one but three gemstones to mark your special month. The birthstones for June are pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Each gemstone … read more

The Power Of Pearls

Posted by Gillian Crawford on 9th Jan 2018

This week is the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death and I have been thinking about her and the legacy she left behind. We shared a love of interesting jewellery. She had an excellent eye and one … read more