Rose Gold Bee Earrings

Living in London in my 20s, I kept bees at the bottom of the garden and was soon captivated by these wonderful and very beautiful creatures. When it came to designing a new Lily Blanche collection, the bee was an obvious choice. I wanted to design a pretty, delicate bee. With two of my children working and studying in the great city of Manchester, where the bee is the symbol of the city’s creativity and industry, the Bee Collection has taken on even more significance and meaning for me. These sweet little Lily Blanche Bee earrings will have you all of abuzz. Charming and a delight to wear, the earrings are made of 18 carat rose gold vermeil. Earring length 25mm, width 13mm. Matching bangles, pendants and lockets available. Also available in 18 carat gold vermeil and sterling silver.

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