The Birthstone for April: Diamond and White Quartz

What is April’s Birthstone?

Those who celebrate a birthday in April are lucky to have two beautiful gemstones as their birthstone. Both diamond and white quartz are the birthstones for April. 

But what do you know about April’s birthstone? Where are diamonds sourced? What is White Quartz and what are the special properties associated with this birthstone? Read on to find out more about the beautiful birthstones for April



April Birthstone: White Quartz

As the birthstone for April, white quartz is a beautiful gemstone which symbolises strength. The word “quartz” comes from the German word “Quarz”.

In Ancient Greece, quartz was known as κρύσταλλος which means “icy cold’. This was due to some historians believing that the gemstone was formed from ice.


Where does White Quartz Come From?

White Quartz can be found in many places across the globe. It often occurs in rocks such as sandstone. Quartz is mainly found in the USA, Spain and Brazil.

How to Clean White Quartz:

 Use a soft polish cloth to look after your jewellery

 Avoid steam cleaners, chemicals and water

        • Store in a soft jewellery pouch to keep your white quartz shining

White Quartz - Special Properties and Meanings:

As the birthstone for April, white quartz symbolises strength. Many believe that white quartz brings strength, courage and fearlessness to the wearer.

What are the Healing Qualities of White Quartz?

As a healing gemstone, it is believed that white quartz promotes happiness and encourages calmness.

What is the Zodiac for April: 

 Those born in April have two Zodiac signs.

Those born between March 21st and April 19th are Aries and those born between April 20th and May 20th have Taurus as their sign. 


Rose Quartz:

Quartz comes in a variety of colours. White Quartz is the gemstone which is often associated with the birthstone for April. But there are many varieties of quartz. Rose Quartz also comes from the Quartz family.

This beautiful pink gemstone gets its name from its stunning pink colour. It is believed that the Romans may have been the first to use the rose quartz gemstone.

In Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece, rose quartz was often used as talismans, stones which were thought to bring magical powers and luck to those who wore them.

Nowadays, many believe that rose quartz brings love and peace to the wearer. Rose quartz is also commonly gifted to celebrate a fifth wedding anniversary.

Can Rose Quartz go in water?

We would not recommend submerging any gemstones in water. Water contains chemicals which can damage jewellery.


Lily Blanche Rose Quartz Gold Ring

Diamonds - History, Origins and Meanings:

Diamonds have been admired across the globe for many centuries. But where do diamonds come from?

The world’s most desirable gemstone comes from the word adámas, meaning unbreakable in Ancient Greek. The birthstone for April can be sourced in many countries across the world. Traditionally, India was a major producer of diamonds. However, Brazil became an important producer in the 1700s.  

Russia has become a significant producer of diamonds particularly in Siberia where mining takes place in harsh climate conditions. In 2019, Russian company Alrosa mined one of the largest diamonds found in recent years, weighing around 200 carats.

In Botswana, diamonds are mined in a semi-arid and subtropical climate. The Canadian company Lucara recently mined a 1,758 carat diamond, larger than a tennis ball.

The uncut diamond was purchased by a British dealer for £41.1 million and produced 67 gems from a single stone. One of these gems now features in the Crown Jewels of Great Britain.


What Colour is Diamond?

The colour of a diamond can significantly impacts its value. Diamonds are evaluated according to an industry-standard determined by the GIA which ranges from the letter D (colourless) to Z (light yellow).

When purchasing a diamond, it is important to think about the Four Cs:

  Cut: this refers to how the diamond performs when subjected to light i.e how much it sparkles.

• Clarity: the clearer and purer the diamond is, the higher its value and quality.

• Colour: the most valuable diamonds are those which are colourless.

• Carat weight: the weight of the diamond is also an important factor in determining its value.


Diamonds – Special Properties and Meanings: 

The world’s most sought-after gemstone is imbued with meaning and special properties. Diamonds are known to encourage strength and clear thinking to those who wear them.  

How To Clean A Diamond Ring: Top Tips

There are several methods which are commonly used to look after your diamond jewellery. These include:

 Clean your diamond ring with a lint-free cloth

• Clean with warm water, mild soap and a soft toothbrush once a week

Don’t forget to have your diamond jewellery cleaned professionally to ensure that it retains its sparkle! 

April: Find Your Birthstone

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