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A Peek Inside Judy Murray's Memory Keeper Locket

By Gillian Crawford 2 July 2018 No comments

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When the Lily Blanche team heard that Judy Murray had lost her treasured Memory Keeper Locket, we were determined to get a new one to her. Judy had bought the Memory Keeper some years ago and had worn it to all Andy and Jamie’s big tennis matches. She had tweeted to let us know how much she loved it. "It's my absolute fave piece of jewellery," she wrote. This unique sterling silver locket opens up to reveal six photographs.

Judy Murray and the Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket in sterling silver

So when a friend told us she was seeing Judy at a conference and offered to give her the locket we were delighted. A few days later we got an email from Judy telling us how pleased she was to be reunited with her Memory Keeper Locket.

What Judy didn’t initially realise was that, using our new photo insertion service, we had filled her locket with Andy and Jamie’s finest moments and, of course, Anton du Beke and Strictly Come Dancing were in there too.

Inside Judy Murray's Memory Keeper Locket

When Judy opened the locket and discovered the photos she was thrilled. “OMG I love it,” she emailed. “That is amazing”. Then it was our turn to be surprised and delighted. “Would you like to come up and have afternoon tea at Cromlix?” she asked.

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Last Friday we had a wonderful afternoon, sipping Pimms and eating the most delicious Wimbledon themed tea and meeting some of Andy and Jamie’s biggest fans. (The tennis ball lollipop cake below is called a Murray Mound) We were delighted when Judy showed everyone the pictures inside her locket.

Wimbledon themed Afternoon Tea at Cromlix House Hotel

Judy told us that she always sits alone at Wimbledon so that she isn’t distracted and doesn’t hear other people passing judgement on her boys. The one silver lining to Andy’s injury has been the fact that he has been able to spend so much time with his family. His daughter Sophia is 28 months and baby Edie is 7 months. Like everyone, she is disappointed her younger son won’t feature at Wimbledon this year but she knows better than anyone, the importance of building match fitness slowly and steadily at that level. The Lily Blanche team is now rooting for Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares in the Men's Doubles.

We even came away with a copy of Andy's granny's (Shirley Erskine's) famous shortbread.

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