Singles' Day Jewellery

Singles’ Day at Lily Blanche Jewellery

What Is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day or Bachelors’ Day is an important holiday date in the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated on November 11 every year and is sometimes known as Double 11  (11 in Chinese) The date 11.11 is significant because the four 1s are said to resemble bare sticks. This is Chinese slang for an unmarried man who has not yet added “branches” to the family tree.

When Is Single's Day 2023?

Singles' Day also known as Double 11 is celebrated on November 11th each year. In 2023, Singles' Day will be on November 11th. It's a day that originated in China and became a popular shopping holiday, known for its significant discounts and deals.

Why Is Singles’ Day Significant?

Singles’ Day is significant as it has become a day to celebrate relationships and to look for love. In China and Southeast Asia, blind date parties are often held on Singles’ Day and it is a popular day to get married. The day has also become an important shopping day. It’s a bit like Valentine’s Day and Black Friday rolled into one and them multiplied by 20. 

Shopping on Singles’ Day 

Singles’ Day has become the largest online and offline shopping day in the world with sales in excess of $75bn taken in 2020. As more people join in the holiday celebrations, the day has become increasingly targeted at younger consumers. Karaoke bars, restaurants and shopping malls all join in with special deals and offers to tempt consumers. Swipe on the video above to see our Singles' Day jewelry

What Are The Origins of Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day is believed to have started in 1993 at Nanjing University, an elite Chinese University, when four male students - all single men - decided to dedicate a day of events, activities and celebrations to being single. The idea caught on on the university campus and surrounding universities. The idea became popular on WeChat and other social media platforms and soon took off in wider society. The holiday is now increasingly popular in Southeast Asia 

Did you know that Singles' Day was originally an anti-Valentine's Day celebration? The date 11/11 was chosen because the number "1" represents a single individual. 

Where Is Singles’ Day Celebrated?

Indonesia has embraced Singles’ Day where it is now known as “Harbolnas” or national online shopping day. It is a day when large discounts are offered by local retailers.

The day has also been adopted in a small way in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Norway but because November 11 is also Armistice Day, when the Western Allies remember their war dead, it is not an appropriate day for a celebration.

In the UK, National Singles’ Day is set on March 11 and is altogether a smaller affair. It was established by a group of dating experts to help single people embrace their status. 

Singles’ Day at Lily Blanche

In 2021, Lily Blanche was asked to participate in a Singles’ Day fashion campaign by Nihao Scotland which wanted to introduce luxury jewellery and fashion brands to the Chinese market and to Chinese customers in the UK.

With their help, we built a little video for WeChat and produced some content about our gold and silver photo lockets. We introduced the concept of our multi-picture 6 photo Memory Keeper Locket to the Chinese market. You can see the results below.