Jewellery Care

Caring for your Lily Blanche jewellery

At Lily Blanche, everything we do is designed to surprise and delight you. Our jewellery is beautiful and accessible and designed to fit your lifestyle. Follow these easy guidelines and you will sparkle and shine with Lily Blanche.

Sparkle & Shine

Lily Blanche jewellery is manufactured to the highest standards, much of it in our Scottish workshop. All silver in the collection is sterling silver, all pearls are real, freshwater pearls and all gemstones are real gemstones unless otherwise stated. When we use gold in our jewellery it is either 9 carat solid gold or 18 carat gold vermeil. Our lockets are hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office with a full UK hallmark. Read more about our materials

Our JewelleryCare Kit

Working with the biggest names in jewellery care, we have formulated an exclusive luxury jewellery care kit designed to keep your Lily Blanche jewellery sparkling. The jewellery care kit comprises a velvet drawstring storage pouch which incorporates Intercept® technology, an amazing new anti-tarnish technology developed in the USA, a Town Talk gold and silver polish cloth and a handy ring sizer to keep in your jewellery box. Please note that your jewellery may be shipped in the velvet storage pouch.

These pouches are made to our specifications in the USA. Patented polymers are built into the lining of the pouch to neutralise gases and sulphurs in the atmosphere which can cause dullness, tarnish or discolouration of jewellery which is stored incorrectly.

This award-winning technology was invented during the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. 100% recyclable, our storage pouch is an environmentally friendly product which is designed to work for twenty years. The pouch cleans the air trapped inside the bag, ensuring your Lily Blanche lockets, pendants, rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces or charms are kept in perfect condition.

Non-abrasive and easy to use, just pop the pouch containing the jewellery into your jewellery box and store it overnight. Perfect for travelling. Pouch measures 9.5 cm x 7 cm.

Our polish cloth is impregnated with polish which is specially designed for our jewellery. Please do not use anything abrasive on our jewellery and please don’t wash the cloth. It will blacken as it is used. This does not mean that the jewellery is dirty. It is a chemical reaction in the cloth known as “jewellers rouge” and will happen even it the jewellery is clean and shiny. Please clean the jewellery by rubbing gently with the cloth.

The ring sizer is a great addition to your jewellery box as your ring size changes over time. Please read more about discovering your ring size here.

Dos & dont's for your Lily Blanche jewellery

Our jewellery is designed to last but how you take care of it will make a big difference to its appearance. Jewellery should be the last item you put on when you get dressed in the morning, after any skincare, haircare or make up products.

Always remove your jewellery at bedtime. When not being worn, please store your jewellery in a Lily Blanche velvet pouch, containing Intercept cleaning technology. They have been specially formulated to keep your jewellery in perfect condition. These come complimentary with all orders and extra pouches and care kits can be purchased on the website.

Precious metal jewellery should NEVER be worn in water, including the shower, as the chemicals even in the domestic water supply, can damage jewellery. Chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pools and Jacuzzis will damage the finish on our jewellery. Rings should be removed when washing hands.

Please always handle your jewellery with clean hands. Be aware that chemicals in cosmetics and cleaning products will leave marks on precious metal jewellery, as will enzymes in certain foods, such as egg or onion. If you are closing a locket, please wipe it with a soft cloth and ensure it is clean and nothing is trapped in it before shutting it.

All Lily Blanche jewellery should be removed when doing gardening and household chores. Lily Blanche jewellery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Repeated opening and closing of lockets or charms will loosen the hinges and catches over time. This is normal. If the catch on your locket loosens, it can be easily tightened.

How to clean your jewellery

Sterling silver or gold vermeil jewellery can be carefully cleaned with the Lily Blanche polish cloth. This has been formulated for us by Town Talk polish company, the leading manufacturers of precious metal cleaning products. It comes complimentary with our lockets and extra cloths can be purchased on our website.

Please do not use other polish, liquids or treated cloths on Lily Blanche jewellery as they may damage the surface of the jewellery.

Freshwater pearls are porous and must be cleaned using a dry soft cloth. Do not immerse pearls in water. They are very susceptible to damage by make-up or sprays and should be stored separately from metal jewellery which can scratch them.

But most importantly of all – please enjoy your Lily Blanche jewellery.


(Gillian Crawford, founder Lily Blanche)