Peridot Jewellery

The birthstone for August and the zodiac stone for Leo birthdays, Peridot Jewellery really is having its moment in the sun. A clear and translucent green stone, our real peridot gemstones are highly prized. Known as the stone of the sun, peridot is believed to bring happiness, self-confidence and love to the wearer. Peridot is also traditionally given for the 16th wedding anniversary. In ancient times it was believed peridot's incredible luminosity could ward off evil.

With it's fashionable green colour, incredible sparkle and lusture, peridot is on trend. Choose Peridot Jewellery, shop a range of hoop and stud earrings, genune peridot necklaces, personalised with an initial and add a silver or gold peridot bangle to complete the set. 




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