Ethically-Sourced Diamond Jewellery: What Does it Mean?

Ethically-Sourced Diamond Jewellery: What Does it Mean?

Ethically-sourced diamond jewellery is becoming increasingly important. At Lily Blanche, we believe excellent craftmanship starts with responsible sourcing. We only use ethical diamonds in our jewellery. Let our guide take you through what are ethical diamonds, where diamonds come from and what makes a diamond conflict free.

What are Ethical Diamonds?

Ethical diamonds are gemstones which have been mined in a way which is considered to be socially and environmentally responsible. To maintain the status of ethical diamonds, ethical diamonds are mined in safe working conditions and ensure fair wages.


 At Lily Blanche, sustainability is important to us and we only use ethical diamonds that you can invest in with a clear conscience. Our collection of ethical diamond jewellery is compliant with the Kimberley Process (KP) and United Nations Resolution, meaning that it supports fair labour and responsible business practices. All of our diamonds are conflict free and ethically sourced. Purchasing ethical diamonds from a reputable organisation ensures that everyone involved is treated fairly. 

Ethical Versus Conflict-Free Diamond Jewellery:

All of our diamonds are ethical and conflict-free, but what is the difference between the two? 

What are Conflict-Free Diamonds? 

Conflict-free diamonds refer to diamonds which are not used to finance conflicts targeted at undermining legitimate governments. Ethical diamonds go further to ensure that fair pay and safe working conditions are put in place. The Kimberley Process ensures that conflict diamonds do not enter the global diamond trade. 

The KP process also enables nations, governments and organisations to have a positive, long-term impact on the trade in conflict diamonds and the lives of people in need.

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Diamonds are the only gemstone made up of a single element. Diamonds form under high pressure conditions and temperature. Diamonds can fall under two categories: mined and lab-grown. Diamonds are mined in several countries around the world such as Canada, Botswana, Australia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What Are Mined Diamonds?

Mined diamonds are also referred to as 'natural diamonds'. They are created naturally within the earth's crust over the course of many years and extracted from the earth through mining. 

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds? 

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds which are man-made and can be formed in a short amount of time. They are created in a controlled lab environment using technology to display the same attributes as traditional diamonds without the need for mining. 

Lily Blanche diamonds are mined diamonds which are ethically-sourced meaning that they ensure safe working conditions and fair wages.

Lily Blanche Ethical Diamond Jewellery:

Our collection of ethical Diamond Jewellery only uses ethical gemstones beautifully cut to show off the clarity, colour and cut of the stone. Each piece features a real white diamond at its centre. Each stone is accompanied by a certificate highlighting its exceptional quality and adherence to the Kimberley Process.

 Are you looking for ethically-sourced diamond jewellery?

Choose from diamond lockets, necklaces and earrings to add sparkle to any outfit. Our 9 Carat Solid Gold Diamond locket features a real diamond at its centre. Beautifully crafted by master goldsmiths, our diamond locket is compliant with the Kimberley Process and United Nations Resolutions. We guarantee that it is ethically sourced based on personal knowledge and written guaranteed provided by our diamond suppliers. 

Diamond Anniversary: 

Diamond is recognised as the gemstone to mark the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. It is also known as the birthstone for April. Shop our collection of Ethical Diamond Jewellery

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