Meet The Lily Blanche Team

Meet The Lily Blanche Team

Lily Blanche Team

At Lily Blanche, we are proud to be a creative and female-led award-winning business. Based in Stirling Scotland, our small team loves working in our stained-glass studio where we personalise and engrave your cherished jewellery. Read on to meet the team and find out more about who we are and what we do…

Meet Gillian: Our Founder

Lily Blanche Founder and Director

Meet our founder and director, Gillian Crawford. Growing up in a small town in Scotland, Gillian was surrounded by incredibly creative people. Her Grandmother, Lily Blanche Sheridan, lived on the Hebridean Island of Skye and introduced her to a wide range of craft activities.

Gillian often visited her grandmother's white-washed croft on the island where she spent many holidays. When she was around 7, Gillian recalls playing on the water's edge and finding freshwater pearls. Her imagination was fired.

Inspired by her grandmother, Gillian studied archaeology at Edinburgh University where she specialised in ancient jewellery. Some years later, Gillian started experimenting with her own pieces, influenced by her grandmother’s jewel box.

Gillian Founder Lily Blanche

Gillian says "I am interested in jewellery which tells a story and I love creating pieces which reflect the individuality and creativity of my customers. My favourite piece in the collection is the Memory Keeper Locket."

Did you know? Gillian has interviewed some famous people including the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson and former Prime Minister David Cameron when she worked as a journalist.


Kelly: Head Of Content 

Kelly visual content manager

Photographer, videographer and proud dog Mum. Kelly joined Lily Blanche back in late 2019 and has risen through the ranks to be number two. Since then, Kelly has taken over our YouTube and TikTok channels where you can see our creative processes, behind-the-scenes of our studio and exclusive videos.

Kelly also organises our model and product photography for the website. As well as managing all things visual, Kelly also oversees the photo and engraving process for our personalised jewellery. She ensures that each locket is engraved with love and care.

Kelly has also played an instrumental role in improving the personalisation of our lockets from developing our photo service to adding new engraving features.

Lily Blanche photography

Kelly's favourite Lily Blanche piece has to be the Paperclip Necklace. Kelly says "The Paperclip Necklace is definitely my favourite piece, I love both the silver and gold versions. It's an everyday piece of jewellery that I can wear to work, to go to the shops or out with friends". 

Did you know? Kelly is not only a creative whizz at work. In her spare time, Kelly uses 3D printing to make costumes and props for Comi Con conventions across the UK.

Ailie: Marketing Assistant

Ailie Marketing Assistant

After joining the team in 2022, Ailie completed a QA Digital Admin apprenticeship with Lily Blanche. During her apprenticeship, she found a new love for all things Digital Marketing.

Ailie is now the queen of social media content and runs our Facebook and Instagram channels. You can chat with her on our Instagram lives and see her videos over on Tiktok.

Ailie is also a whizz at personalising our jewellery. She personalises all your favourite pieces with photos and engraving. Here is Ailie in the Lily Blanche studio personalising a Memory Keeper Locket for one of our lovely customers.

Engraving Lily Blanche

Ailie's favourite Lily Blanche piece is her Pink Opal Necklace. Ailie says "It's so difficult to choose my favourite piece but I would say the piece I wear most is my Pink Opal Necklace. Pink is my favourite colour at the moment and I love that I can style it with my initial".

Did You Know? Ailie loves to swim in her spare time and has even competed nationally in swimming competitions!

David: IT Developer

David meet the team

Meet David (and his furry friend Buddy). David is our IT developer and recently helped to launch our new website. He is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the site for our customers. David is a skilled JavaScript coder and our go-to person for all things technical. He is also studying for a BSCH in data science. 

David's favourite Lily Blanche piece is his silver hammered ring. David says "It's difficult to choose just one piece but I love wearing my silver hammered ring. It's perfect for stacking with my existing rings".

Did you know? David is Spanish! David joined the team in 2018 after moving from Malaga, Spain.

Ava: Dispatch Assistant 

Ava Dispatch Assistant

Meet Ava, our dispatch assistant. Ava is currently studying television and broadcasting at college and also works in the Lily Blanche studio, helping the team to ensure we dispatch our parcels quickly.

Ava ensures that each Lily Blanche piece is beautifully packed with love and care. She folds all our scented tissue paper perfectly and sprays it with our seasonal scent. She wraps each order in a ribbon-tied gift box and gift bag, ready to be gifted to the lucky recipient.

Lily Blanche Studio

Ava's favourite piece of jewellery is our Aqua Chalcedony Necklace. Ava says "I love the birthstone collection, it's difficult to choose just one stone but if I had to, I would say Aqua Chalcedony as it's my birthstone". 

Did you know? Ava once featured in singer Post Malone's music video! 

Buddy: Pawsitivity Officer

Buddy, the neighbourhood cat, keeps our team happy and smiling. He visits the office every day to see the team (and to see our selection of treats!). Buddy is a bold and curious cat and a favourite friend of David's.

Buddy The Cat

Sheila: Chief of Barketing

Meet our office dog, Sheila. Sheila is the chief of barketing. A cute Jack Russell, Sheila often participates in our photoshoots (even if she does have to be bribed with chicken). Sheila can be found keeping David, our IT developer, company in the studio or sunbathing in the garden. 


Sheila's favourite piece of jewellery is the Eternal Pearl Necklace as she's modelling in this photo. We've got to say, she's got taste!