How To Choose The Best Photos For A Locket Necklace in 2021

How to Choose The Best Photos for Your Locket:

There is no nicer or more personal piece of jewellery than a locket filled with special memories. It’s the perfect way to keep loved ones close and it can give great pleasure and comfort to know they are always with you. 

So, what photos should you keep inside your locket? Whether it’s a treasured family photo, a snap of your furry friend or even a favourite travel memory, a locket is the perfect way to tell your story. Read on to discover how to select the best photos for your locket:

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Choosing Your Photos

Choosing the perfect photos for your locket should be a fun and memorable experience. The most important thing is that the photos have a special meaning to you. 

Why not take a trip down memory lane and look at some old photographs or even contact some friends for their favourite snaps? Looking for photographs can be a special way of remembering the moments that matter most to you.

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Top Tips on Choosing Photos For Your Locket:

1. Use high quality photos: Here at Lily Blanche, we can work with all kinds of photos but the better the quality of the photograph, the better it will look in the locket. If you have an older photograph which has a sentimental meaning to you, our photo editing team can edit this for you.

2. Include background: it is helpful to have a little background around the edges to ensure that everyone is centered in the photo. Our  photo editing tool allows you to ensure that your photo fits perfectly in the locket.

Choose an unfussy photo with a clear central image with some space around it. A head shot works well. Two people will also make for a good image but please ensure their heads are reasonably close together. People standing far apart or with heads at different heights won’t work as well. 

3. Photos with multiple people: for the best results it is best to have close up photos which focus on the face. However, for large family and friend pictures, our  4 and 6 photo lockets are perfect to ensure that each person which means so much to you is included. 

Multi photo lockets allow you to include multiple people, you can use the same photo in each slot and use our personalisation tool to ensure each person is included.

4. Consider the shape of the locket: another important factor to consider is the shape of the locket that you would like to store the photograph in. Lockets come in all shapes and sizes. What may work in an  oval shaped locket may not work in a heart shaped locket.


Here is an example of photos which work well in a locket. They are clear photos which have lots of background to work with. These photos would work well in a round locket, heart necklace or even an oval locket. We have inserted them into our Vintage Heart Necklace by using our photo resizing tool. 

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How To Size Photos For a Locket:


Lockets come in all shapes and sizes, making them easy to personalise with your photos. The sizing of photos depends on the shape of the locket. Here at Lily Blanche, we have a range of  2, 4 and 6 photo lockets which you can personalise with your favourite photos.

We have recently launched our photo insertion service for Lily Blanche lockets and this is proving extremely popular. We shrink, enhance and print the photos on high quality photographic paper before inserting them into your locket to create a highly personalised gift or memento.

Our Personalisation Tool:

We have a dedicated tool on our website which is a free photo resizing tool for our lockets. This is a software application which allows you to upload photos from your laptop, phone or tablet directly onto our  website.

You can edit your photos using the tools provided. This gives our customers lots of flexibility and shows you how the photos will look in your locket.

If you would like assistance with editing your photographs, please choose the option “I will email photos later”. Please email your photos to after ordering your locket. Our specialist photo team will assist you with the editing process. 

Discover our Photo Lockets

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Hi, I bought a memory keeper locket a few years ago but never purchased the photos. Am I able to order photos now?

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