Paperclip Chains

Paperclip Chain Necklaces are having a moment. These most fashionable of chains are made from stering silver and 18 carat gold and are weighty and chunky. Worn solo or layered with other decorative chains or lockets, these versatile necklaces will become one of the most hardworking items in your jewellery box. Popular with both men and women, our paperclip chain necklaces are classic chains, designed to last. The paperclip necklace originated in Norway during World War II when bracelets, neclackes and lapel pins made of paperclips were worn as a sign of resistance. The paperclip's ability to hold things together was seen a symbol of Norwegian resistence to German occupation when other overt symbols of statehood were banned. In time the occupiers banned the wearing of paperclips but by then, their symbolism was widespread. Today, the iconic paperclip design is enjoing a renaissance. Join the chain reaction today!

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