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The Adventure Begins...

The Adventure Begins...
By lilyblanche 14 June 2016 No comments

This is a little video celebrating life, friendship and achievement. It's about remembering to mark the key moments and it is inspired by my daughter Colette who graduates this summer. At Christmas, just after her crucial final exams, she was in hospital twice. It was a difficult and worrying time and she was concerned her illness would have an effect on her grades.

She needn't have worried. She not only achieved a First Class Honours degree in history, she was awarded the John N Milne Prize for best social and economic history student. Along the way she has made some wonderful friendships, including Sarah, who also achieved a First and whose image is in the penultimate frame.

The friendships forged at university and college are often the ones that shape us, enrich our lives and last forever. Finally, the music is Hachiko - the Faithful Dog - by The Kyoto Connection. It reminded me of all these dogs waiting loyally for their masters and mistresses to return home from university.

We've designed a code Graduate20 which will give you 20% off Lily Blanche jewellery for the month of June. You don't have to be graduating to use it. It is equally effective if you are a graduate of the university of life.

I hope you like it.

Gillian x

Gillian Crawford

Creative Director

Lily Blanche

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