Gold, silver and rose gold Four Photo Locket Necklaces

Everything You Need To know About Our Four Photo Locket Necklace

Are you looking for a piece of jewellery to keep all your loved ones close to your heart? A piece filled with sentiment that will be passed down the generations? The Four Photo Locket is the perfect piece to tell your own story. Whether it's a family photo, snap of your furry friend or a favourite memory, the Four Photo Locket is the perfect piece to cherish your memories. 

Make It Personal:

The Four Photo locket is a slimline, modern locket which opens to reveal four hidden photos inside. The locket has been beautifully handcrafted in sterling silver, 18 carat gold, rose gold or white gold vermeil. The Four Photo locket features a full UK Hallmark which means that the locket is individually tested and hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. Make it personal by adding a bespoke engraving of a name, date, or messaging which has special meaning for you.

silver four photo locket with pictures inside

How Best To Open The Four Photo Locket: 

The Four Photo Heart Locket is one of our most intricate lockets. The locket is easy to open but it is also helpful to see the process. Join Kelly from our personalisation team to learn how best to open the locket below.


How To Put Photos In The Four Photo Locket: 

The Four Photo locket opens to reveal four secret photos inside, allowing you to keep your loved ones close. This locket is one of our most intricate designs and also our most difficult locket to fill with photos. 

We have developed specialist photo technology for our four photo locket. We also employ an in-house expert team who deals with our photo service. Filling the four photo locket can be tricky due to the geometry of the locket. The two external frames have a rim and slightly deeper cavity. The two internal frames have a rim which is flush with the interior of the locket. We use two different weights of specialist photo papers for each of the frames. The lighter weight paper is a self adhesive paper at 130 gsm. We don't use any glue in our lockets, the photos are self-adhesive so that they are cut to fit but not stuck in the locket. We use a thicker photo paper on the frames with rims (250 gsm).

gold photo locket necklace
We print our photos using specialist photographic inks and printers for great results at a small scale. Of course, the better the quality of the original photos, the better the final result will be. We don't use any plastic covers in our four photo lockets due to environmental reasons. Instead, we treat our photos with a special sealant made for us in Germany to protect the photos from fade. This is more ecologically friendly and gives a better finish than plastic which goes opaque and doesn't protect the photos from light and dust in the same way. We also don't use glass in our lockets as it could splinter and cut our customers. To insert the photos, we use precision-engineered punches to punch the photos out to the exact size. 

rose gold locket necklace

What To Engrave On Your Locket:

The Four Photo Heart Locket can be engraved with a small message such as a date, name initials or a personal message. The maximum number of characters which can be engraved is 8. Your locket will be engraved in house by a specialist team of engravers. 

Our Top Engravings For The Four Photo Locket:

Love you
All Mine
First Name

How To Care For Your Locket:

The Four Photo Locket is a special piece of jewellery which is designed to last but how you look after it will make a big difference to its overall appearance. Each locket comes with a complimentary jewellery care kit comprising of a jewellery storage pouch made with intercept technology to keep your jewellery clean and sparkling when you are not wearing it. The care kit also includes a free ring sizer and polish cloth to keep in your jewel box. 

lily blanche jewellery care kit
As with all precious metal jewellery, the Four Photo Locket should never be worn in water as water can contain chemicals which can damage jewellery. We also recommend taking your jewellery off before bed and handling your jewellery with clean hands. 

How To Clean Your Locket:

Cleaning your Four Photo Locket is the best way to keep it sparkling. Each four photo locket comes with a polish cloth which has been manufactured for us by Town Talk Polish, a leading manufacturer of precious metal cleaning cloths. Simply wipe your locket using the cloth to polish your jewellery. We also recommend storing your jewellery in the jewellery storage bag to avoid any damage. Discover more tips on caring for your Lily Blanche jewellery.

Need more inspiration? Discover our Four Photo Lockets to create your own personalised locket necklace.

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