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How to Care for Your Jewellery

Whether it's an everyday piece or a statement item that you wear on special occasions, caring for your jewellery is an easy way to ensure it retains its sparkle. But how should you care for your jewellery? Is it easy to care for your jewellery at home? And how do you clean gold vs silver jewellery? In this jewellery care guide, we'll walk you through the best ways to care for your personalised jewellery including our do's and dont's of cleaning jewellery. We'll also share our secrets to keeping your pieces looking their best so you can continue wearing them for years to come.

Jewellery Care | Lily Blanche jewellery care kit

Table Of Contents:

  • How To Care For Your Jewellery At Home
  • How To Store Jewellery 
  • How To Clean Silver Jewellery 
  • How To Clean Gold Jewellery 
  • How To Clean White Gold Jewellery
  • How To Clean Pearls
  • How To Clean Gemstones
  • How To Clean Rings
  • How To Repair Jewellery 

    How To Clean Your Jewellery At Home

    Keeping your jewellery clean and sparkling is easy to do at home. Here are our top tips to keep your jewellery clean at home.

    • Handle your jewellery with care. We recommend handling your favourite piece with care to avoid any scratching or damaging the jewellery. It is always best to handle the jewellery with clean hands to avoid any chemicals from interacting with the jewellery.
    • Polish your jewellery to keep its sparkle. Each piece of Lily Blanche jewellery comes with a complimentary polish cloth manufactured for us by Town Talk Polish, the leading manufacturer in polish cloths. The polish cloth is impregnated with a special formula which removes any tarnish from the jewellery, keeping it shining. Simply gently wipe the jewellery with the polish cloth. The cloth is reusable and designed to last, so it can be used over and over again
    • Remove your jewellery when showering or exercising. We recommend always removing your jewellery when going to bed and before entering water. It is also best to take your jewellery off for any activity which could scratch or damage the jewellery. We do not recommend wearing your jewellery in chlorine as chlorine can interfere with the jewellery. 
    Jewellery Care | Rose Gold Lily Blanche jewellery

    How To Store Jewellery

    The best way to avoid damaging your jewellery is to store it carefully. Storing your jewellery carefully helps to avoid unwanted scratches, tangles and damage. We recommend storing your jewellery in a soft pouch, away from any direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Top tip - store your jewellery separately from each other to avoid scratching.

    Each piece of Lily Blanche jewellery comes with an anti-tarnish jewellery storage pouch complimentary. We recommend storing your jewellery inside the pouch when you are not wearing it. The anti-tarnish storage pouch is made in the USA for us with Intercept Technology, an award-winning technology which was invented during the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The patented polymers inside of the pouch help to neutralise gases and sulphurs in the atmosphere which can cause tarnishing. Simply pop the pouch containing the jewellery into your jewellery box and store it overnight to keep it clean and sparkling.

    Storing jewellery | Lily Blanche jewellery storage bag

    How To Clean Your Jewellery:

    Regularly cleaning your jewellery is the best way to ensure that it retains its sparkle. However, it's important to note that different types of jewellery require different cleaning methods. 

    How To Clean Silver Jewellery:

    Cleaning silver jewellery is easy to do at home whether it's a silver necklace, pair of silver earrings or silver bangle. Silver is prone to tarnishing due to a chemical reaction that occurs between the metals in silver and sulphur present in the air. When the metals in silver are exposed to the air, oxidisation can occur which leads to tarnish. However, it's easy to clean your silver jewellery to ensure that it keeps its sparkle. Here our top tips for cleaning silver jewellery:

    • Wear your jewellery often. You might be surprised to hear that by wearing your jewellery more often, the metals become more used to friction which is perfect for reducing tarnishing. 
    • Use a soft polish cloth to wipe your jewellery and keep it shining.
    • If your silver jewellery contains gemstones or pearls, do not submerge it in water as this could loosen the stone.
    Cleaning Silver Jewellery | Lily Blanche Silver Memory Keeper Locket

    How To Clean Gold Jewellery:

    Learning how to clean your gold jewellery is essential to ensure that your favourite piece shines every time you wear it. It's important to ensure that you do not submerge any gold pieces in water as water has chemicals which can react with the jewellery. Take extra care with gemstones too, as submerging can loosen the gem. To learn how to clean your gold jewellery follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Use a polishing cloth. Make sure you polish your gold jewellery with a clean and dry polishing cloth. 
    2. Gently rub your gold jewellery in one direction to wipe away any dirt.
    3. For personalised pieces with photos and engraving, be careful when cleaning near any photos or etching. 
    How To Clean Gold Jewellery | Lily Blanche gold memory keeper locket

    How To Clean White Gold Jewellery:

    Whether you own a white gold locket, chain or necklace, it is important to know how best to look after it to keep it shining. We recommend using a polish cloth to keep your white gold jewellery clean and storing it separately from other metals. As with all precious metals, we also recommend not submerging any white gold jewellery in water.

    How To Clean Pearls:

    If you're lucky enough to own a pearl necklace or pair of pearl earrings, learning how to care for them is essential to ensure that they retain their shine. Genuine freshwater pearl jewellery is porous and must be cleaned using a dry cloth. It is important to never immerse pearls in water as water can contain chemicals which can damage the jewellery. Pearls should also not come into contact with any makeup or sprays and should be stored separately from other pieces of jewellery.

    How to clean pearls | Lily Blanche baroque pearl necklaces

    How To Clean Gemstones:

    Despite their hard appearance, gemstones are quite delicate and should be carefully cleaned. Hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided. It is best to clean your gemstones with a clean, soft linen-free cloth after wearing them.

    How to clean gemstones | Lily Blanche gemstone necklaces

    How To Care For Rings:

    Keeping your rings clean and sparkling requires care and attention. We recommend removing your rings before exercising, doing the dishes or any activity which could damage the ring. When choosing your ring, it is also important to wear the correct ring size. Measuring your ring size is an easy way to ensure that the ring fits correctly and is less likely to slip off or be damaged. Lastly, storing your ring carefully is essential. We recommend storing your ring in a soft pouch to ensure that it does not become damage when you are wearing it.

    How To Repair Jewellery:

    Proper wearing and handling techniques can significantly contribute to the longevity of your jewellery. At Lily Blanche, we are confident that our pieces are crafted to the highest standard. However, should any item need to be repaired it is easy to do this. First, it is important to identify the issue. If you need a locket to be repaired, it is possible to do this at home or we can do this in our studio for you. The video below explains how best to fix a locket that may need to be repaired.


    Caring for your jewellery is easy to do at home by following these simple steps. By properly cleaning your jewellery, you will help retain its value and preserve its significance. Remember to store your jewellery properly, clean it regularly and ensure that any repairs are carried out if necessary to maintain its overall appearance.

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