How to Measure Your Wrist Size for a Bracelet

How To Measure Your Bangle or Bracelet Size:

Choosing the right size for a bracelet or bangle can be tricky. That's why we've put together a simple guide on choosing the right bracelet size for you. Read on to discover our top tips for measuring your size:

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Finding The Perfect Size: 

Ensuring you find the perfect size is important to be able to wear your new bangle or bracelet exactly how you want to style it. Bracelets and bangles come in lots of different sizes including extra small, small, medium and large. Some bangles are made for all wrist sizes and some bracelets are even adjustable. 

How to Measure Your Bangle Size at Home:

Measuring the perfect size for your bangle or bracelet at home is easy. All you need is a tape measure. 

Follow the 3 simple steps below:

1. Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your hand. It's best to measure the widest part of your hand which is usually at the base of the fingers as the bracelet must be able to fit over here before the wrist. 

2. Round up the measurement to the nearest centimetre or inch.

3. Choose one of our bangles according to the measurement you have taken. 

Lily Blanche Bangle Sizes: 

At Lily Blanche, we offer 4 different sizes for our bangles. They are available in: 

Extra small (7 inches/18cm)

Small (7.5 inches/19cm)

Medium (8 inches/20.5cm)

Large (8.5 inches/21.5cm).

How to Choose the Right Bracelet Size for Someone Else:

It can be a little trickier to choose the right bracelet size for someone else. You might not want to ask them their size in case you give it away!

It may be best to choose one of our bangles which fits most wrist sizes if you are buying a gift for a loved one.

The Heart Locket Bangle is an excellent option, it will fit most wrist sizes and it also includes a little heart locket that allows you to add two photos to keep inside. It’s a win win!

Silver Heart Locket Bangle

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Engravable Bracelets:

If you’re looking for a truly special gift, why not choose an engravable bracelet? You can personalise your bracelet with names, initials, dates or a special message. 

The Memory Keeper Bracelet is perfect for engraving. It has 9 engravable links that allow you to engrave the names of the all children or even a motivational quote.

Our Memory Keeper Bracelets include an integral extension chain and fits wrists from 19cm (7.5 inches) to 24.5cm (9.5 inches). 

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Adding Charms to Your Bangles:

Once you've chosen the perfect size, personalise your bangle by adding some charms. We have a range of charm bangles including our Bee, Key, Feather, Birds and Butterfly Bangles.

We love adding our genuine birthstones to our bangles. Birthstone Bangles make perfect gifts, each birthstone has a secret meaning and there are 12 to choose from in the collection.  

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If you would like to exchange your bangle or bracelet for another size, we can do this for you. Just contact our team and we’d be happy to help.

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