Lily Blanche How To Wear Pink | Model Wearing Pink Jewellery

How To Wear Pink Jewellery: This Season’s Most Stylish Colour

“Everything is better in pink.” But, what does that mean? If you are caught up in Barbie-mania following the launch of Greta Gerwigs’ movie about the doll that changed the world, you’ll be as hooked on pink as we are. And there is no better way to add a splash of this season’s hottest colour to your wardrobe than though a collection of pink jewellery.

Lily Blanche How To Wear Pink | Silver Pink Opal Necklace and Earrings

What Does The Colour Pink Represent?

Pink has been associated with love, kindness and empowerment since the 1920s. Prior to that pink was traditionally a colour associated with masculinity and blue was the colour associated with baby girls. The rise of the fashion magazine and the department store as the fashionable places for smart women to shop, consolidated pink as the feminine choice and a new fashion colour was born. While the new movie challenges and lampoons gender-stereotypes, there is no doubt wearing or gifting pink jewellery is the lighthearted way to manifest and express inner love and happiness.

How To Wear Pink | Lily Blanche Pink Opal Jewellery

How To Wear Pink

From palest baby pink, through bubblegum pink to the hot pink of the Barbie-mania fashion which is gripping the world this summer, there is a pink jewel in the Lily Blanche collection for most women (not forgetting the Kens). If baby pink is your hue, check out our rose quartz collection of earrings and rings in this most feminine of gemstones. 

Lily Blanche How To Wear Pink | Rose Quartz Ring

Rose quartz is a beautiful pale pink natural gemstone which has come to symbolise feelings of compassion and acceptance. Rose quartz jewellery is also associated with self-love and the healing of emotional wounds. The gemstone and its soothing colour are associated with peace and harmony. If these are the emotions you want to promote, a stunning rose quartz cocktail ring or earrings make the ideal gift or self-gift.

How To Style Different Shades Of Pink

If you a looking for a dusky pink shade which adds a new level of sophistication, our pink opal jewellery collection is the perfect choice. From dainty pink opal stud earrings to fashionable pink opal hoop earrings with detachable stones, personalised gemstone pendants or gorgeous pink opal charm bangles, you’ll find some wonderful jewellery box classics in our pink opal collection. 

Lily Blanche How to wear different shades of pink | Pink opal jewellery

Pink Opal denotes peace and is the perfect collection for reducing stress and anxiety. It is said to bring inner calm to the wearer and promote harmony in the environment. Perfect for any occasion, pink opal is especially popular for weddings, birthdays and graduations. It’s a great way to bring a touch of feminine elegance to any outfit.

Finally, if it is the full hot pink Barbie-mania look you are after, vamp it up in our hot pink ruby jewellery. Ranging from light pink to cherry red, rubies are among the most sought after gemstones in the world. Our current batch of rubies are a beautiful bold pink. These genuine mined gemstones will bring a touch of magic to your life. 

Lily Blanche Ruby Locket | How to style pink

In ancient times rubies were the preserve of royalty and were seen to ward off evil spirits. Today rubies are associated with passion and prosperity. They are believed to increase energy and vitality. These beautiful and valuable gemstones are bold and meaningful. Choose from our Ruby Vintage Heart Locket, ruby pendants, earrings and bangles for a perfect gem.

Finally, it doesn’t have to be pink to be on trend. Our Engravable Heart Necklace engraved with a initial or name is the hottest piece of the season and the perfect Barbie-mania necklace. The message of the movie is that beauty on the inside is what counts but it doesn’t hurt to dazzle on the outside too!

Lily Blanche Gold Engravable Disk

There’s no denying it, pink is having a moment. From bursting onto the catwalks last year to taking social media by storm this summer. Like it or loathe it, pink is everywhere. From baby pink to fluorescent pink and fushia. We’re embracing the pink trend in the Lily Blanche studio with our range of pink jewellery, that we’re sure Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling would approve of. Discover our pink jewellery collection for more inspiration on how to wear this season’s hottest colour.

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