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How To Wear Stacking Rings - Our Top Five Tips

Stacking rings is the perfect way to add colour and a personal touch to your outfit. But have you ever wondered how to stack rings? How to choose the rings for your stack or what makes the perfect ring stack? Stacking jewellery is the latest trend that allows you to add personality to your everyday look. We've got you covered on our guide to stacking rings in a stylish way. 

Silver Stacking Rings with green amethyst, purple amethyst and blue gemstones

What Are Stacking Rings?

Stacking rings are rings which you are able to wear on top of one another, to create a stacking effect. There are no set rules on how to stack your rings. You can stack band rings or you can opt for statement-making cocktail rings, or even combine the two for a unique look. 

silver stacking rings.

How To Stack Rings:

Our collection of stacking rings combines beautiful gemstone rings with gold, silver and rose gold band rings. Our range of different gemstones and designs all you to stack your rings effortlessly. The key is to enjoy the process of stacking rings. Here are our top tips to create the perfect ring stack:

1. Start with one ring: choose your main ring for the stack and work with this ring as a base. Whether it's a gemstone ring or a plain band ring, this will help to set the mood and colour for the look. 

2. Experiment with colour: combine your favourite gemstone rings to create your stack. If your first ring is a cooler tone, compliment this with similar colours such as light blues and greens. For eye-catching results, mix it up with opposite colours such as red and bright orange. 

3. Play with different metal types: try experimenting with mixing up different metals such as gold, silver and rose gold. Pick one metal type as the main colour such as silver and combine with a different metal to change it up. 

4. Personalise It: choose rings which suit your own personality and style. This goes for all jewellery, choose what you enjoy wearing most. 

5. Be creative: create a ring stack with two rings or even three. Our stacking rings are designed to interlock, allowing you to wear them singly, stack them together in twos or even combine three rings together. 

Sizing Tips For Stacking Rings: 

Another important factor to consider is the sizes of the ring. You need to account for how you want to stack them. If you would like to stack three together for example, you may want to go up a size for the top ring in the stack. 

Tips When Sizing Your Rings: 

It's best to measure your ring size when your hands are cold, as your hands can swell throughout the day. Rings with a particularly thick band will feel tighter than a thin band. 

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