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Is Men's Jewellery The Fashion Trend Of 2023?

From ancient civilisations to modern society, men have adorned themselves with jewellery that reflect the societal and cultural changes of the time. In recent years, men's jewellery has taken the world by storm with stars such as Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes embracing the trend. In this ultimate guide to men's jewellery, we'll explore the significance of men's jewellery throughout history to the modern trends that are shaping the way men accessorise today. 

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The History Of Men's Jewellery 

The journey of men's jewellery offers a fascinating insight into the artistic movements and cultural phenomenon's of the time. From the religious significance of jewellery during Ancient Egypt to the men's fashion trends of 2023, we uncover a brief history of men's jewellery.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, pharaohs commonly adorned themselves with jewellery crafted in gold and precious stones. Jewellery often symbolised religious beliefs and was strongly connected to the afterlife. Tombs were often adorned with jewellery such as ornate necklaces and bracelets, to help protect the elite in the afterlife.

Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, men often wore jewellery to symbolise their achievements and social status. Engraved gemstones were particular popular such as carnelian and agate. Signet rings were also commonly worn by men not only as accessories but as practical tools to imprint wax seals on documents.

Middle Ages

During the Middles Ages, jewellery held strong symbolic meanings and conveyed personal beliefs. Jewellery also became a powerful symbol of power and wealth. The nobility often adorned themselves in lavish headdresses and crowns encrusted with gemstones and pearls. 

Renaissance Era

The renaissance era marked a resurgence of creativity in men's jewellery. Pendants and chains were adorned with gemstones, symbolic of the period's emphasis on individualism. Lockets were also commonly worn with portraits inside, revealing a more sentimental side to men's jewellery. The lockets allowed men to carry their loved ones inside. 

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was a period of profound social change and industrial advancements. Romanticism, a cultural movement focused on individualism, became increasingly prevalent in men's jewellery. Lockets with pieces of hair and photographs were often worn by men. After the death of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, mourning jewellery worn by men also became more common. During this time, men's jewellery was crafted using dark materials such as onyx to remember loved ones. The Victorian Era also witnessed birthstone jewellery becoming more popular as a means of personal expression. Each month was associated with a specific stone and wearing your birthstone was believed to bring you luck and protection. 

The 20th Century

During the 20th century, men's jewellery underwent a significant change reflecting cultural revolutions and fashion trends. The flowing lines and organic forms of Art Nouveau heavily influenced men's jewellery at the beginning of the 20th century. During the mid 20th century, men's jewellery became an important mean's of self-expression. Leather cuffs and pendant necklaces took centre stage. The 1970s and 1980s embraced the rock and pop culture with oversized rings, chunky chains and earrings commonly worn. Towards the end of the 20th century, technological advancements allowed different materials such as titanium and carbon fibre to be used in men's jewellery.

21st century 

The 21st century has celebrated a new era of self-expression and innovation. Men's jewellery has evolved to reflect the changing styles, influences and materials. Men are embracing a wider range of pieces that break away from traditional stereotypes with pearls, gemstones and lockets becoming fashionable among men. In the 21st century, men's jewellery is heavily focused on individuality and personalisation. Photo lockets and engraved pieces that allow the wearer to hold loved ones close are becoming increasingly popular.

With increased awareness about environmental concerns, sustainable jewellery has become an important factor in men's jewellery design. Generation Z are increasingly seeking jewellery made from responsibly sourced materials and ethically mined gemstones. 

Men's Jewellery: The Fashion Trend of 2023

Men's jewellery is everywhere in 2023. Men wearing pearls was just the beginning of one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. Men's jewellery has gained steam thanks to style icons like Harry Styles and Daniel Kaluuya wearing pearl necklaces, brooches and diamonds.

Men's Jewellery 2023, model wearing gold men's necklace

Types Of Men's Jewellery In 2023

Men's Lockets:

Throughout history, men wore lockets with miniature portraits of loved ones. Today, men's lockets are becoming increasingly popular way to carry loved ones and hold memories close to the heart. The Lily Blanche Men's Round Locket Necklace is having a moment. This locket can be engraved and opens to reveal two photos or a tiny keepsake inside. 

Men's Lockets, model wearing silver men's locket with photos

Men's Necklaces:

Men's necklaces are no longer just worn by celebrities. Nowadays, necklaces are an easy way to add sophistication to your look. Whether it's a paperclip chain necklace or a stylish dog tag, opt for a Lily Blanche Men's Necklace to elevate any outfit.

Men's Necklaces, silver dog tag engraved

Men's Rings:

Men's rings are an easy way to upgrade any outfit. Whether you're looking for a simple hammered band to wear every day or a gemstone ring to wear for special occasions. Discover our selection of men's rings for some inspiration. 

men's silver and gold rings

Men's Pearls: 

Men's pearls are here to stay in 2023 with stars such as Harry Styles embracing the trend. The Lily Blanche Men's Seed Pearl Necklace features freshwater pearls naturally formed in freshwater mussels. The necklace is strong enough to wear on its own but also easy to style with other pieces. 

men's freshwater pearl necklace

How To Care For Men's Jewellery 

Caring for men's jewellery is important to ensure it remains clean and shiny. At Lily Blanche, we provide a free jewellery care kit with every order which includes a jewellery storage pouch. The pouch is made using intercept technology whereby patent polymers in the lining of the pouch keep the jewellery clean. We recommend storing jewellery in the pouch when it is not being worn. Another top tip for caring for men's jewellery is to clean it regularly using a polish cloth. We provide a free polish cloth with each order. Simply give your jewellery a wipe with the cloth to help retain its shine. 

men's jewellery - how to care for men's jewellery


Need more inspiration on how to style men's jewellery? Discover our men's jewellery collection to find the perfect men's locket, chains, rings and more.

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