Do you celebrate a September birthday? If so, your birthstone is Sapphire. Fit for royalty, Sapphires have long been associated with the kings and queens of ancient Greece and Rome.

In Ancient Greece, royals believed that sapphires protected the wearer from danger. In recent years, the most well-known sapphire is the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in her engagement ring.

The September birthstone continues to be one of the most precious and desirable gemstones. That’s why we are so excited to introduce this week’s limited edition edit, the Lily Blanche Sapphire Collection:

Sapphire Charm Necklace Gold Hamsa Hand

Elevate your style with our stunning Sapphire Charm Necklace and matching bangles. Add our Hamsa Hand Charm for protection.

Gold Sapphire Heart Charm Necklace

Sapphire Charm Necklace Silver Feather

Personalise your Sapphire Necklace with our silver feather charm to create your own unique look. Symbolising wealth and protection, the Sapphire gemstone makes the perfect personalised gift for you or your loved one

Gold Sapphire Charm Necklace Sterling Silver Feather Charm

Sapphire Charm Necklace Gold Heart

Add a pop of colour with this beautiful Sapphire Charm Necklace and matching bangle. Symbolising love and happiness, the Gold Heart Charm makes the perfect romantic gift for a September birthday

Gold Sapphire Heart Charm Necklace Gold Heart Pendant

Sapphire Charm Necklace Silver Pearl:

Create your own personalised necklace with our Pearl Charm for a classy and timeless look.

Gold Sapphire Charm Necklace Sterling Silver Pearl Charm

Symbolising protection, happiness and wealth, sapphires make the perfect gift for a September birthday. As a healing stone, sapphires promote calmness and creative thinking. As well as representing the month of September, sapphires are also commonly given as a gift to mark 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Don’t forget, our limited-Edition edits are available at fantastic prices for a limited time only. Feeling inspired? Shop our Sapphire Collection here

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