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The Best October Birthstone Jewellery To Add To Your Collection

October babies are lucky to have two birthstones to choose from: opal and tourmaline. Both October birthstones have long been admired for their cut and clarity. But now, pink opal is the October birthstone trending for its chic pink colour, special properties and meanings.

October Birthstone Jewellery

Opals have always been prized for their changing colours in rainbow hues, known as “play-of-colour”, with many comparing opals to fireworks, galaxies and volcanoes. Although opals come in an array of colours, pink opals in particular are trending this year. Despite Pantone declaring periwinkle as this year’s reigning colour, pink is the trending colour of Autumn 2022.

Pink Opal Jewellery

Opals are also gaining popularity on Tiktok as consumers increasingly search for meaningful jewellery to promote spirituality or wellness. Ancient Greeks believed that opals helped protect them from disease. Nowadays, opals are said to be a symbol of purity, hope and truth. Pink Opals are also believed to soothe the mind, body and soul, bringing positive energy to those who wear them.

October Birthday Ideas

Specialising in genuine gemstone jewellery, luxury British brand Lily Blanche has announced its new October birthstone collection for 2022. The new collection features pink opal necklaces, bangles, hoop earrings and stud earrings and is now available to purchase on its website.

Pink Opal Bangles

Founder and designer Gillian Crawford says: “Pink Opals are timeless and have long been a favourite with collectors of precious gemstones. Now, a new generation of consumers is discovering pink opals as brands such as Lily Blanche make them accessible and affordable".

pink opal necklace

The Lily Blanche pink opal jewellery collection features genuine opal gemstones expertly cut into facets to show off the light-reflecting properties of the stones. Prizes for their cut and colour, the opal gemstones are crafted in sterling silver, 18 carat gold and rose gold vermeil. Discover the new October Birthstone Collection on our website. 

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