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The Five Jewellery Trends To Keep On Your Radar In 2023

Elizabeth Taylor once said "Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you unique". Now more than ever, consumers are opting for jewellery that reflects their personalities and interests.

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in more colourful, fun pieces as well as jewellery filled with sentiment and meaning. This trend and aesthetic will continue in the summer of 2023 as we see more experimentation with pops of colour and personalised jewellery.

But what are the jewellery trends of 2023? What jewellery trends are currently in fashion? Read on to discover everything you need to know about the latest jewellery trends. 

The Minimalist Jewellery Trend

Coco Chanel famously said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off". The idea of "less is more" is taking the jewellery world by storm. Minimalism started becoming popular in the 1960s when artwork shifted to focusing on the use of white space and geometric shapes. The minimalist trend is making a comeback in 2023 with more clean lines and delicate details being incorporated into everyday jewellery looks.

If you're looking to get behind the minimalist jewellery trend, think simple chains, stand alone pieces and delicate jewellery. This dainty diamond necklace from Lily Blanche perfectly captures the minimalist jewellery trend. The silver necklace feature a real conflict-free diamond at its centre making it ethical too. 

Latest Jewellery Trends | Minimalist Jewellery Trend |  Diamond Earrings

The Maximalist Jewellery Trend

In an increasingly polarised world, it's no surprise that both minimalism and maximalism are trending. Whilst minimalism focuses on clean lines and simplicity, maximalism is all about embracing bold and statement-making pieces. Think chain layering, mixing metals and statement necklaces.

At Lily Blanche, we love the maximalist jewellery trend. Layering chains is one of the easiest ways to up your jewellery game. We recommend choosing a statement-making piece such as a gold locket and pairing it with different chain lengths and textures for an on-trend look.

The Latest Jewellery trends | Maximalist Jewellery | Layered Necklaces

The Gemstone Trend

Vibrant and colourful gemstones are making a comeback this summer. From rich emeralds symbolising growth and renewal to radiant rubies representing love and vitality, gemstones are highly sought-after for their properties and meanings.

Not only is the cut and clarity important, but the meaning behind the stone is more important than ever. Consumers are opting for genuine and ethically-sourced gemstones as environmental concerns becoming increasingly important.

The Lily Blanche birthstone collection features twelve gemstones, each one has a special meaning and story behind it. At Lily Blanche, we only use genuine gemstones in our jewellery. Each one is ethically-sourced and expertly cut to show off the quality, colour and cut of the stone. 

Get behind the gemstone trend and opt for a birthstone necklace and matching earrings. Pick your birthstone or a gemstone which has a special meaning for you. 

Gemstone Trends | Lily Blanche gemstone necklaces

Personalised Jewellery Trend

Personalised jewellery is always something we've loved. From our personalised lockets to our range of engravable jewellery. In 2023, consumers continue to opt for pieces which best reflect their personalities and tell their unique story. A photo locket is the perfect way to keep up with the personalised jewellery trend. Keep your favourite memories inside a picture locket and add an engraving to make it even more personal. 

Lily Blanche Jewellery Trends | Silver Memory Keeper photo locket

Pearls Reimagined

Fashion trends come and go but one piece has stood the test of time. With their timelessness and elegance, pearls are a jewellery box essential. But we're not talking about your grandmother's pearls. We're talking about pearls reimagined. The modern take on the classic pearl.

Whether it's a baroque pearl necklace or a pair of gold pearl hoop earrings, pearls have taken the fashion world by storm. We're seeing pearls everywhere from the Met Gala to the BAFTA  Awards. Pearl necklaces are having a real moment in 2023. 

For a modern take on the classic pearl necklace, opt for a baroque pearl necklace. Choose your favourite metal type whether it be gold, silver or rose gold to suit your style. The Lily Blanche Baroque Pearl necklace is a statement-making piece, easy to style yet timeless alone. Crafted using a genuine freshwater pearl, the baroque pearl is not only trendy but ethical too.

Pearls Jewellery Trend | Silver Baroque Pearl Necklace |  Lily Blanche

Need more inspiration? Discover our personalised jewellery to combine all the latest jewellery trends from minimalism to maximalism and the world of gemstones.


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