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Jewellery Care

To get the very best from your LILY BLANCHE jewellery, follow the instructions on this page and you will sparkle and shine in your chosen pieces for years to come.

sparkle and shine

Jewellery Care

You should get decades of pleasure from your LILY BLANCHE jewellery. Follow these easy guidelines and you will sparkle and shine with LILY BLANCHE.

LILY BLANCHE jewellery is manufactured to the highest standards, much of it in our Scottish workshop . All silver in the collection is sterling silver, all pearls are real, undyed freshwater pearls and all stones – garnets, amethysts etc – are real stones. We use the finest Murano glass in our jewellery, made for us in Venice and shot through with sterling silver or 14 carat gold. Our larger sterling silver pendants are hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office, using the LILY BLANCHE hallmark.When we use gold in our jewellery it is 14 or 18 carat gold vermeil.

What is Gold Vermeil?

Vermeil jewellery, pronounced ver-may, employs an ancient technique which became popular in 18th century France. It is a combination of silver and gold. In vermeil, a very thick coating of gold - up to 10 times the thickness of regular gold plate  - is applied to another precious metal, in this case sterling silver. The result is sometimes also called silver-gilt. (The White House in the USA has a Vermeil room full of priceless objects in gold vermeil). We use a particularly thick 14 or 18 carat gold layer bonded directly onto sterling silver for our jewellery. 

We use vermeil in our jewellery to give us flexibility in our designs - we love the mixed metal look - and to allow us to make precious pieces using high quality materials which are still affordable.

Caring for your jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery can be carefully cleaned with the sterling silver polish cloth provided. Please do not use other silver polish liquids or treated cloths as they may damage surface of the silver.

Freshwater pearls are porous and must be cleaned using a dry soft cloth. Do not immerse pearls in water. They are very susceptible to damage by make-up or sprays and should be stored separately from metal jewellery which can scratch them.

All LILY BLANCHE jewellery should be removed when doing gardening and household chores or in the pool, bath or shower. It should be kept away from scents and body sprays and stored in a pouch or box – but not a plastic bag – when not in use. LILY BLANCHE jewellery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Please take particular care with our Magical charms and the intricate lockets which open. Constantly opening and shutting them will loosen the hinges.

But most importantly of all – please enjoy your LILY BLANCHE jewellery.

our hallmark

Our Hallmark

Hallmarking in Britain dates back to 1300 and the reign of Edward I.

The LILY BLANCHE hallmark has been created for us by the Edinburgh Assay Office using the world famous castle mark which has been in circulation since 1457.

Each hallmark tells its own story through a series of individual pictures:

The letters are our maker’s mark.
The 925 tells of the silver’s purity.
The Scottish lion rampant is the traditional fineness mark
The castle identifies the city in which the piece is hallmarked – in our case Edinburgh.
The letter represents the year in which the piece was tested and marked.