Our Materials

Our Materials

Lily Blanche jewellery is made in the first instance from solid sterling silver. This means that it is 92.5% pure silver. This is the base for all of our designs. Our lockets are tested and hallmarked in Edinburgh with a full UK hallmark.

What is Vermeil?

When we use gold in our jewellery, it is 18 carat gold vermeil. Vermeil jewellery, pronounced ver-may, is a traditional French technique passed down by jewellers through the centuries. In vermeil, a thick covering of gold – more than 7 times the thickness of regular gold plate - is applied to another precious metal, in this case, sterling silver.

How does Vermeil differ from gold plate?

Vermeil jewellery differs from gold-plated jewellery because it is made wholly of precious metal and because of the carat and quantity of gold used. Vermeil is one of the hottest luxury jewellery trends right now. It is a far superior product than gold plated or gold filled jewellery, both of which may contain base metals and cannot be hallmarked.

We use vermeil in our jewellery to give us flexibility in our designs and to allow us to make precious pieces using high-quality materials which are still affordable. Because many of our designs are based on vintage pieces, we use much more precious metal in our lockets, necklaces and bracelets than most modern jewellers, who mainly specialise in small, lightweight pieces. With the gold price fluctuating dramatically, vermeil gives you the best possible quality for the lowest cost, making it the best value jewellery on the market.

Will Vermeil Jewellery Wear Out?

Not if it is made by Lily Blanche. The industry standard for vermeil jewellery and the legal definition of vermeil in the USA is 10 carats of gold and a thickness of 2.5 microns. This may not sound much but when you consider that flash plated gold can be as little as 0.25 microns, you will understand the quality of this premium gold finish.

At Lily Blanche we far exceed the industry standard. Our vermeil jewellery is specified at 18 carats with a minimum of 3 microns. For this reason, when cared for properly, our gold finishes are made to last. The quality and durability of our vermeil jewellery, whether, gold, rose gold or white gold is highly prized by our customers, many of whom have built collections of our bestselling lockets, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Vermeil jewellery can be a great and durable alternative to solid gold. It is also an excellent pick if you have allergies to metals because the base is sterling silver - a pure metal. It is certainly to be considered when you are upgrading your jewellery box.

Our Gemstones

Our gemstones are real gemstones and our pearls are real cultured pearls from a sustainable source. Our gemstones are sourced ethically and cut for us by trained gemstone cutters with whom we have a close relationship.