The Birthstone for March: Aqua Chalcedony, Aquamarine and Bloodstone

What is the Birthstone for March?

Did you know that March has three birthstones? Representing the month of March is Aqua Chalcedony, Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Although different in colour and shape, these gemstones share similar meanings.


Are you curious about the differences and special properties of Aqua Chalcedony, Aquamarine and Bloodstone? Where did Aquamarine originate? What is Aqua Chalcedony? What colour is bloodstone? Here is what you need to know about the three birthstones for March:

March Birthstone – Aqua Chalcedony:

Aqua Chalcedony is one of the birthstones for March. Those born in March are lucky to have three beautiful gemstones to represent their special month. Chalcedony is found in an array of colours with aqua being the most popular. Aqua Chalcedony symbolises loyalty and friendship.


Aqua Chalcedony - History, Meanings and Origins

The word ‘chalcedony’ comes from the region of Kalkedon in the ancient Roman empire. In Ancient Rome, Chalcedony was commonly used for making signet rings and brooches.

What Colour is Aqua Chalcedony?

Although chalcedony is available in a variety of colours such as brown, green, grey, red and orange, the most popular colour is aqua. Aqua Chalcedony is commonly used for gemstone bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


Where is Aqua Chalcedony found?

Aqua Chalcedony is sourced in many places across the globe. The main areas where it can be found are Turkey, South Africa and the USA. Chalcedony occurs in different forms ranging from round pebbles to occurring inside geodes.

Aqua Chalcedony – Special Properties and Meanings:

Aqua Chalcedony is the birthstone for March and symbolises courage and loyalty.

What are the Healing Properties of Aqua Chalcedony?

As a healing stone, many believe that aqua chalcedony encourages good sleep and relaxation.

 As a nurturing stone, it promotes strong bonds and good will. Aqua Chalcedony is commonly given as a March birthday gift.

What is the Zodiac Sign for March: 

Those born in March have two Zodiac signs, Pisces and Aries. Those born between February 19th and March 20th have Pisces as their Zodiac sign and those born between March 21st and April 19th have Aries as their Zodiac sign. 


March Birthstone Key Facts:

• Birthstone - Aqua Chalcedony

• Meaning - Loyalty and courage 

• Zodiac Signs - Pisces and Aries

How To Clean Aqua Chalcedony - Top Tips:

 • Use a soft polish cloth to look after your jewellery
 Avoid steam cleaners, chemicals and water
• Store in soft jewellery pouch to keep your aqua chalcedony shining

March Birthstone - Aquamarine:

As well as aqua chalcedony, Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for March. Have you heard that aquamarine comes from the Latin word for seawater? In fact, Aquamarine is strongly associated with the sea.

Aquamarine is the blue variety of beryl. If you look closely, you will see that there are a range of blue and green overtones. The gem can appear to be a greenish-blue colour, light blue or a deep blue.

The most desirable aquamarine stones are a deep blue to a greenish-blue colour. 

Traditionally, the birthstone for March was believed to protect those at sea from trouble. Nowadays, it is said that aquamarine soothes, protects and calms the wearer.

In particular, it is believed that aquamarine protects those who travel and keeps them safe from danger. 

Aquamarine is also known to promote happiness in marriage and is often given to mark a 19th wedding anniversary


March Birthstone: Bloodstone 

Bloodstone is also a birthstone for March. Although similar in meanings, the bloodstone gem has different colours and appearance to the aqua chalcedony gemstone.

The birthstone for March is also called Heliotrope, meaning “to turn to the sun” in Ancient Greek.

This comes from the idea that bloodstone would turn the sun red when submerged in water. 

The name Bloodstone is also influenced by the little spots of blood which can be observed by looking carefully at the stone.

Legend says that bloodstone was created when Christ’s blood fell on the stone during his crucifixion.

Where is Bloodstone Sourced?

Bloodstone can be found in all corners of the world. The majority of the birthstone for March comes from Indonesia.

Although the birthstone for December can also be found in Brazil, China and the United States.

You may be surprised to learn that Bloodstone has also been found in the Isle of Rum, in Scotland.

Bloodstone - Special Properties and Meanings:

Did you know that Bloodstone has a range of special properties? In fact, the birthstone for March is believed to promote health, and youth.

It is also believed to bring the wearer luck and strength.

As a healing stone, some believe that bloodstone can improve energy levels and endurance.

It is also known as the stone of protection and courage.


March: Find Your Birthstone 

Do you celebrate your birthday in March? Aqua Chalcedony is the perfect way to mark the occasion.