The Birthstone for July: Ruby

What is July’s Birthstone? 

Those born in July are lucky to have the beautiful ruby gemstone as their birthstone. Symbolising passion, ruby is believed to bring love, success and wisdom to those who wear it.

Ruby is one of the most romantic birthstones but what do you know about the birthstone for July? Read on to learn more about the history and meanings of the ruby birthstone:


Ruby – History, Origins and Meanings:

The world’s love affair with rubies has a unique and interesting history. Did you know that the July birthstone comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning red? 

Rubies have long been associated with wealth across the globe. Some believe that ruby is one of the 12 most precious stones created by God. The July birthstone is the most desirable and valuable stone of the corundum family, which also includes Sapphire.

What Colour are Rubies? 

Rubies are red and violets are blue. But did you know that rubies can also have a hint of purple? In fact, the most desirable rubies are those which have overtones of purple. These rubies are known as “pigeon’s blood” in the world of gemstones.

Pure red Rubies are the most expensive gemstones, but each ruby is equally as mesmerising in colour. Pink rubies are also very popular in gemstone jewellery. 


Where are Rubies sourced? 

The first Rubies were discovered in Myanmar, one of the major producers of the July birthstone. Myanmar has been producing Rubies for more than five centuries.

Since the 20th century, Vietnam has also become a key producer of some of the most valuable rubies in the world. In more recent years, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Madagascar have joined Vietnam in becoming some of the world’s biggest producers of Rubies. 


Ruby: Special Properties and Meanings

The birthstone for July has long been admired for its radiant red colour. But did you know that Rubies also have special properties and meanings?

Traditionally, it was believed that ruby symbolised power and youth. In India, some believed that Rubies had the power to prevent danger and cure certain diseases.

What are the Healing Properties of Rubies?

As a healing stone, many believe that rubies promote good health, wisdom and romance. Ruby is commonly known as the stone of love. 

What is the Zodiac Sign for July? 

Those born in July either have Cancer or Leo as there Zodiac sign.

If you're born between June 21 and July 22, your Zodiac sign is Cancer.

If you're born between July 23 and August 22, your Zodiac sign is Leo. 

How to Clean Rubies - Top Tips: 

-       Use a soft polish cloth to look after your jewellery 

-       Avoid steam cleaners, chemicals and water

-       Store in soft anti-tarnish pouch to keep your rubies shining

Ruby Key Facts:

Birthstone - July 

Zodiac - Leo/Cancer

Meaning - Love 

Rubies - Find Your Birthstone:


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