The Birthstone For November: Citrine

What is November’s Birthstone?

Do you celebrate a November birthday? Your birthstone is Citrine. Are you curious to find out what is Citrine? What colour is Citrine? Or even the special meanings of the Citrine gemstone? Read on to discover everything you need to know about the birthstone for November:


Citrine – History, Origins and Meanings: 

Citrine comes from citron, the French word for lemon. Citrine has long been popular in Roman jewellery. It was also a staple piece of many jewellery boxes during the Victorian era in Scotland. 

What Colour Is Citrine? 

The November birthstone is a yellow to brownish colour. Reddish orange Citrine gemstones are those which are most valuable and desirable. Citrine is a beautiful gemstone which is often used in necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Where is Citrine Sourced? 

Citrine can be sourced from many countries across the globe. The main producers of the November birthstone are Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Madagascar, Brazil and Uruguay. 

Citrine - Special Meanings And Properties

Have you wondered about Citrine’s special meanings and properties? Many believe that Citrine helps promote joy and positive energy. It’s reddish/orange colour reflects the colour of the sun and symbolises positivity. It is also believed to promote good wealth and happiness for those who wear it. 

How to Clean Citrine: Top Tips

-       Use a soft polish cloth to look after your jewellery 

-       Avoid steam cleaners, chemicals and water

-       Store in soft a jewllery pouch to keep your citrine shining

Citrine: Find Your Birthstone


Now that you know everything about the Citrine gemstone, discover our ethically sourced and sustainable November birthstone jewellery, perfect for a November birthday or special occasion.