The Birthstone for October: Opal and Tourmaline

What is October’s Birthstone?

Were you born in October? You are lucky to have two beautiful birthstones to mark your special month. Opal and Tourmaline are the birthstones for October. But what are the origins of Opal? Where is Tourmaline found? If you're curious to learn about the birthstones for October, we've got you covered!


Opal - History, Origins and Special Properties: 

The first Opal gemstones were found in India. The stone is known for its changing colour which has been compared to volcanoes and fireworks. Did you know that opal comes from the Sanskrit word for “precious stone”. Opals are produced from seasonal rain which flows into rocks. Once the rainwater has dried up, silica is formed. The silica results in the beautiful gemstone known as Opal.

Traditionally, Romans believed that Opal was the most important and symbolic stone of all the gemstones. This was due to its wide array of colours. Some even believed that Opals fell from the sky during storms. 


What Colour is Opal?

Did you know that there are two different kinds of Opal gemstones? Precious Opals and common Opals. Precious Opals display an interplay of colours within the stone. Common opals appear as milk Opals, milky blue to green Opals and resin Opals which are yellow in colour. Pink Opal gemstones are among the most popular.

Other varieties of opal:

Fire Opal: transparent with overtones of orange, yellow, brown and red. 
Boulder Opal: translucent/opaque. 
Crystal/water opal: transparent
Black opal: transparent with dark overtones
White or light opal: translucent with light grey colouring. 


Where Does Opal Come From?

Opal can be sourced in many countries across the globe. One of the biggest producers of the October birthstone is Australia. Other countries which produce Opal are Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, Peru, Turkey and the United States. 

Did you know that the colour of Opals vary depending on where they are sourced? Opals sourced in Mexico are yellow, orange and orangish red. The October birthstone most commonly found in Australia is the white Opal. 

Opal – Special Properties and Meanings: 

The beautiful birthstone for October also has a range of special properties and meanings. Opal is known for its calming qualities, but it also known to promote loyalty and friendship. Many believe that pink opal helps to encourage love, kindness and friendship. 

How to Clean Opal – Top Tips:

-       Use a soft polish cloth to look after your jewellery 

-       Avoid steam cleaners, chemicals and water

-       Store in soft jewellery pouch to keep your opal shining

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Tourmaline: October’s Birthstone 

As well as Opal, those born in October also have the tourmaline gemstone to mark their special month. Tourmaline is a relatively new gemstone and is renowned for its wide array of colours. 


Tourmaline – History, Meanings and Origins:

Tourmaline comes from toramalli, meaning coloured stone in Sinhalese. This describes the wide array of colours that can be seen when looking at the stone. Tourmaline has been popular for many centuries and even features in the Russian crown jewels. The October birthstone Tourmaline was discovered in Brazil in the 1500s. 

What Colour is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is available in a rainbow of colours. However, the most desirable and valuable Tourmaline gemstones are those which are pink/red. Other colours include green, black and blue. The first tourmaline gemstone found in Brazil was a green tourmaline stone. 

Where is Tourmaline Sourced? 

Tourmaline can be found in many countries across the globe. One of the biggest producers of Tourmaline is Brazil but it can be found in Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mozambique. 

Tourmaline – Special Properties and Meanings: 

Traditionally, some believed that tourmaline had the power to encourage creativity. Different colours of tourmaline have different meanings. Green Tourmaline helps to give the wearer courage and strength. Pink Tourmaline promotes love and care.

Black tourmaline protects the wearer from harm and encourages confidence. As well as the birthstone for October, Tourmaline is also commonly given to mark eighth wedding anniversaries. 

How to Clean Tourmaline – Top Tips: 

-       Use a soft polish cloth to look after your jewellery 

-       Avoid steam cleaners, chemicals and water

-       Store in soft anti-tarnish pouch to keep your tourmaline shining 

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