The Birthstone for August: Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx

What is August’s Birthstone?

Do you celebrate an August birthday? If so, you are lucky to have not only one but three birthstones: Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx.

Each stone is very different in colour and meaning. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the birthstones for August: 


August Birthstone: Peridot

The first of the three birthstones of August is the beautiful yellowish green Peridot gemstone. Peridot comes from the olivine family which gives it its olive-green colour. But what is the history of the peridot gemstone?

Peridot - History, Origins and Meaning:

The word Peridot comes from the word faridat, which means gem in Arabic. The first Peridot gemstones were discovered in Zabargad, an Egyptian island.The gemstones discovered on this island are very high quality and valuable. In Ancient Egypt, Peridot was traditionally known as the “gem of the sun”.  

Peridot can be formed in a variety of ways. It commonly forms inside the earth’s mantle and within the lava of volcanoes. Peridot has also been found among olivine minerals contained in meteorites which have hit earth. 

What Colour is Peridot?

Peridot is the beautiful green birthstone for August. The most desirable Peridot gemstones are those which are pure green in colour with limited yellow or brown overtones. However, the most common colour for Peridot is yellowish green.


Where is Peridot Sourced?

The beautiful green August birthstone can be found in many locations across the globe. The most common producers of Peridot are Myanmar, China, Tanzania, Vietnam and Pakistan. Myanmar and Pakistan are known to produce some of the highest quality Peridot gemstones. 

Did you know that there is also a beach named after the peridot gemstone? The Peridot beach in Hawaii is a green sand beach which contains the birthstone for August. 

Peridot: Special Meanings and Properties: 

Known as the gem of the sun, Peridot is believed to promote happiness, self-confidence and love. Peridot is also known as the stone of compassion and is believed to improve sleep and bring peace to those who wear it. 

How to Clean Peridot: Top Tips

-       Soft polish cloth

-       Store in soft pouch to keep it shining 

-       Avoid harsh cleaners, chemicals and water

Peridot - Find Your Birthstone:


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The Birthstone for August: Spinel

Those born in August are lucky to also have the Spinel gemstone to mark their special month. This August birthstone comes in a rainbow of colours: blue, purple, orange, pink and red. Read on to discover more about the origins, colour and special properties of the Spinel gemstone:


Spinel - History, Origins and Meaning:

Spinel gemstones have adorned jewellery of royalty for centuries. The August birthstone can even be found in the Timur ruby in the British Crown Jewels. 

What Colour is Spinel?

Although Spinel is readily available in an array of colours, the most desirable colours are pink and red. Red is considered to be the most expensive and valuable in the world of gemstones.

Where Is Spinel Sourced?

The August birthstone can be found in many locations across the globe. From Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, to Pakistan and Vietnam.

Traditionally, some believed that spinel reduced anger and promoted happiness. Nowadays, spinel is associated with inspiration and creativity. As a healing stone, spinel is said to improve energy levels and reduce anxiety. 

Sardonyx: The Birthstone For August

Last but not certainty not least is the Sardonyx gemstone. Sardonyx is a combination of brownish red sard and black or white onyx. Used in many Roman pieces of jewellery, Sardonyx became a jewellery box essential. Here’s what you need to know about this very special gemstone:


Sardonyx - History, Origins and Meanings:

The birthstone for August was commonly used in Roman jewellery, particularly in signet rings. Some even believe that Sardonyx was used in the breastplate of the High Priest, mentioned in the Old Testament. 

What Colour is Sardonyx?

Sardonyx ranges from a yellowish brown to a reddish brown which comes from the use of sard. The white or black bands come from the use of onyx in the gemstone. 

Where is Sardonyx Sourced? 

Sardonyx can be found in many locations across the globe. One of the major producers of the birthstone for August is India, but Germany, the United States, Madagascar and Uruguay are all notable producers of the Sardonyx gemstone. 

Sardonyx - Special meanings and properties:

Did you know that Sardonyx promotes personal power? The August gemstone is also said to boost happiness and self-confidence. As a healing stone, some believe that Sardonyx improves motivation and discipline. 

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