Wedding Anniversary Gemstone List: Years 21–60

25th Anniversary - Silver

Although not a gemstone, silver is strongly associated with the 25th wedding anniversary. Silver is a precious and timeless metal. Silver polishes extremely well which means it lasts the test of time. It is believed that silver is gifted as a 25th wedding anniversary as it reflects the shine of your marriage. If you’ve made it to a quarter of a century, then it definitely calls for some silver jewellery.


A silver locket necklace or silver bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate 25 years together. Add your favourite photos and an engraved message for a gift to be treasured forever more!

30th Anniversary - Pearl

Pearls are the stone associated with the thirtieth wedding anniversary. Pearls are a traditional gift symbolising innocence and honesty. Golden pearls are believed to bring luck and prosperity in marriage and white pearls are said to be associated with fertility. Pearls are also the birthstone for June.


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40th Anniversary - Ruby

Almost half a century of marriage definitely calls for a celebration. Ruby is the gemstone to gift for a 40th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, rubies symbolise love and romance. Ruby is also believed to bring happiness and prosperity to a relationship.


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45th Anniversary - Sapphire

The 45th wedding anniversary is all about the Sapphire gemstone. Sapphires symbolise wisdom and faithfulness. You can’t go wrong with a sapphire necklace or a pair of sapphire earrings to mark such a special occasion. Blue Sapphires are those which are most prized. Sapphire is also the birthstone for September.


50th Anniversary - Gold

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the golden year and are celebrating 50 years of marriage. Gold is a traditional gift given to mark a 50th wedding anniversary. Gold symbolises happiness and love in relationships.


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55th Anniversary - Emerald

55 years of marriage is definitely something to celebrate and deserves a wonderful gift to mark the occasion. Emerald is the gemstone commonly given to mark 55 years of marriage. Emeralds symbolise hope, fertility and love. As a spiritual gemstone, Emeralds are said to bring happiness to any union.


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60th Anniversary - Diamond

To reach sixty years of marriage is an incredible accomplishment. It shows strength and commitment. That’s why it needs something indestructible to mark the occasion. Diamonds are often given to mark the 60th wedding anniversary. This sparkling gemstone is strongly associated with strength and courage.


70th anniversary – Platinum

Give the gift of platinum to mark a 70th wedding anniversary. Platinum is a metal which is hard to tarnish and stands the test of time. It’s also one of the rarest metals and is a symbol of strength.


What are the Major Wedding Anniversary Years:

The first years of marriage up to the 10th year of marriage are all said to be major anniversary milestones. After 10 years, the biggest celebrations are usually every 5 and 10 years. When you reach your 25th wedding anniversary, the gifts tend to become more precious.

The 25th wedding anniversary is celebrated by gifting silver, a traditional wedding gift. Pearl marks the 30th wedding anniversary, ruby is associated with the 40th anniversary, gold for the 50th, diamond is the 60th and platinum is for those who reach 70 years of marriage.