Everything You Need To Know About February's Birthstone Amethyst

For those lucky enough to have a birthday in February, amethyst is your birthstone. Amethyst has long been admired by royalty across the globe. But what do you know about the birthstone of February? Are you curious about the healing properties of amethyst? Read on to discover everything you need to know about the history and meanings of the amethyst gemstone:

Real amethyst gemstone

Amethyst - History, Meanings and Origins

Amethyst is a purple gemstone which is part of the quartz family. The history of the birthstone for February is fascinating and is heavily influenced by Ancient Greek legends.

Did you know that Amethyst comes from the word amethystos, meaning not drunk in Ancient Greek? According to Ancient Greek legend, drinking from cups made from amethyst helped to prevent drunkenness. In fact, the amethyst gemstone is associated with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. This is due to the reddish-purple colour of the gemstone.

The February birthstone has always been popular among royalty. In Ancient Egypt, amethyst was used as a gemstone for engraved gems. In more modern times, amethyst has been admired by royalty from both Europe and Asia. The vibrant purple colour has long been an attractive feature among royalty:

What Colour is Amethyst?

Amethyst is well-known for its striking purple colour. But did you know that the amethyst gemstone can range from a light purple to an intense royal purple? The most valuable amethysts are a reddish purple with no brown overtones. Brown overtones can reduce the quality and price of the amethyst gemstone.

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Where is Amethyst Sourced?

Before the 19th century, the amethyst gemstone was mainly sourced from Russia. Nowadays, amethysts are mined in Brazil, Africa and South America. The US is also a major producer of amethysts, particularly in Arizona. You might be surprised to know that amethyst is also the official gemstone for the state of South Carolina.

Amethyst - Special Properties and Meanings

Do you celebrate a February birthday? If so, you might be interested to know about the hidden meanings and special properties of the amethyst gemstone.

Traditionally, some believed that amethyst provided inner strength to those who wore it. Amethyst is believed to symbolise strength and personal empowerment. The birthstone for February also promotes calmness and clarity.

As a healing stone, it can help encourage good sleep and relaxation. As well as the birthstone for February, amethyst is commonly given to mark sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversaries.

How To Clean Amethyst - Top Tips:

-Soft brush

-Warm, (mild) soapy water

-Avoid steam cleaning

Amethyst – Key Facts:

-Colour: Purple

-Source: Brazil, Africa and South America, the United States

-Meaning: Inner Strength

Our Top 5 Favourite Amethyst Pieces:

Amethyst Locket:

amethyst locket necklace

Amethyst Birthstone Necklace:

amethyst birthstone necklace

Image: Five Little Doves

Amethyst Earrings:

Amethyst earrings

Amethyst Ring:

amethyst rings

Amethyst Handbag locket:

amethyst handbag locket

February - Find Your Birthstone

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