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Trending Now: Gemstones with Meaning

Rubies, hugely popular in the early 20th century, are trending now as millennials and Gen Z seek out stones with meaning. Rubies have always been one of the world's most desirable gemstones. While rubies have long been admired for their cut, clarity and colour, the meaning behind the stone is becoming more valued than ever.

Consumers are increasingly searching for meaningful jewellery whether as an aid to spirituality and wellness or to celebrate the milestone moments in their life. Whether it's a ruby anniversary, birthday, friendship or love, rubies are highly sought-after for their special properties and meanings.

Ahead of the curve, celebrities such as Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria have selected ruby engagement rings or dress rings to express their style.

Known as the ‘king of precious stones’, ruby is steeped in meaning. Ruby is the birthstone for July and is associated with the Cancer star sign. Symbolising love, ruby is believed to promote passion, friendship, happiness and romance. As a healing stone, many believe that ruby soothes the mind, body and soul, bringing positive energy to those who wear it.

Specialising in genuine gemstone jewellery, luxury British jewellery brand Lily Blanche has announced its new ruby collection for 2022. The new collection features ruby necklaces, bangles, hoop earrings and stud earrings and is now available to purchase on our website

Founder and designer Gillian Crawford explains: “Rubies have long been known as the stone for love and a popular choice for engagement rings but now a whole new generation is falling in love with rubies for their brilliant colour and strong properties of happiness, friendship, romance and passion. We’re absolutely thrilled with the quality of our rubies. Whether as a centre point in a gothic-style Vintage Heart Locket or a detachable gemstone on our hoop earrings, Lily Blanche rubies take the wearer from the everyday to the special occasion in style”

The Lily Blanche jewellery collection features genuine ruby gemstones cut into facets to show off the light-reflecting properties of the stones. Prized for their cut and colour, the ruby gemstones are crafted in sterling silver, 18-carat gold and rose gold vermeil. 

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