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Rule number one - don't panic. We've got this. You are our customer and we won't let you down. That, in a nutshell, is our philosophy. There is still plenty of time to shop online for Christmas at Lily Blanche

Every Lily Blanche customer is important to us and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are not just satisfied but delighted with our service. Last Christmas every single Lily Blanche Christmas order was delivered on time. This year, the volume of orders has doubled but we are organised to repeat the feat. See Christmas deliver dates here.

We know that you are really busy, you have a million things to attend to and it is impossible to keep track of everything you buy online but we are really, really experienced in sending parcels so here is what happens when you buy from us.

Your order is made with care

Your order is made with care. It is checked and given a final polish before it leaves the studio. I try personally to oversee as many of the orders as I can. Your chosen piece of jewellery goes into a gift box with some extra tissue paper inside to protect it in transit. The box is tied with ribbon and a branded polish cloth goes in with it.

Your gift box goes into a sturdy cardboard outer lined with two sheets of contrasting tissue paper. We add a little spray of Jo Malone nutmeg and ginger scent between the sheets to give a lovely Christmassy perfume when you open the box. Next, we place one of our luxurious lookbooks on top of the tissues sheets. This gives even more protection to your gift box and is lovely to browse through.

 width= The Lily Blanche boxes being prepared with tissue paper

We add a little spray of Jo Malone nutmeg and ginger scent between the sheets to give a lovely Christmassy perfume...

Next, the tissue paper is folded and your invoice, a personalised letter from me, any gift message and some other little surprises are added. Everything goes into a crisp, thick personalised envelope. If you have ordered a Memory Keeper Locket, another envelope with instructions and sticker frames is included. We give you double the number of frames you need just in case.

 width= Blogger The Daydreamer aka Christina Miller unboxes Lily Blanche

The whole box is then checked and sealed. Your label is printed and Royal Mail tracking labels are put on it. Clear tape goes over the tracking sticker so there is no chance of it coming off in transit. Finally, your box is photographed for our records, your tracking number is recorded and you are emailed with it. The order goes into the correct sack, the paperwork is printed and the sacks are hand-delivered by us every afternoon directly to the Royal Mail depot in Stirling where we know the delivery guys and they take the same care and trouble with your order that we do.

 width= Lily Blanche sacks going into the van at the Royal Mail depot this week

We have had a complaint this year from the wife of a customer who signed for an order from us that was addressed to her husband. She was unhappy that our logo and our address were on the label as that spoiled the surprise. Royal Mail will deliver 130 million parcels this Christmas. We put our logo on the label because if something does go missing, it is much easier to find it if it is in a branded box than if it is in a plain, anonymous box. We are obliged by Royal Mail to put a clear return address on all Royal Mail Signed For parcels. They won't accept them otherwise. There are also new rules about what can be posted by Royal Mail. If the company sees our logo, they immediately know that we have an Online Business Account with them and that everything we send passes all the relevant legislation so our logo represents added security for ourselves and our customers.

If you want an order to be a secret please let us know. We will always endeavour to work with our customers. If this means delivering to a work address or delivering for a set date, we will do our utmost to make sure this happens. Just drop us an email and let us know.


For our free shipping service, we ask that you allow five working days. Royal Mail is massively busy at present and the tracking website is not always working but this is a hugely reliable service. We have not lost anything yet. If you have not received an order within seven days of receiving the Lily Blanche shipping email, do please contact us. If you do not receive the shipping email, please check your junk mail file. If you are using a hotmail, aol or other generic-style email address and you may not receive the shipping email - this is a problem with hotmail and aol and there is nothing we can do about it. You will be missing other emails from other companies too. You can always email us and I can forward it on to you.

I hope this information helps you understand our service. You can have complete confidence in it. We take it very seriously.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope there is a Lily Blanche box waiting for you under the tree.

Gillian x width=

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